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  • Information on all Task 2 types of essay question.
  • View band 9 IELTS writing examples.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1                    

  • How to answer Academic Task 1 questions.
  • View high scoring example band 9 essays.

General Training

  • Learn how to write various letters for the General Training Task 1 module.

IELTS Reading

  • Improve your reading skills.
  • Practice with the free IELTS reading tests online.

IELTS Listening

  • Learn how to improve your listening skills.
  • Examiner approved tips for your chance to gain a high band score.


  • Learn what is needed for a high band score in the speaking test.
  • Practice IELTS interview questions for parts 1, 2 and 3.


IELTS FOR Nurses and Doctors

  • Are you a nurse or doctor who wants to move to the UK?

  • Do you need to improve your band score?

  • Our highly experienced UK native IELTS teachers and ex-examiners have experience working with nurses and doctors from all over the world.

  • We want to help nurses and doctors to pass the IELTS exam because of the huge shortages in the UK healthcare system. They really need you and you really need the increased salary!

  • Invest in your future and improve your band score with live classes, mock exams, essay corrections and lots of support on your IELTS quest.


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