Lesson 6: Process Tutorial | IELTS Academic Writing Task 1

This post will help you to write a successful process essay, there is a model answer for you to compare your work to at the end of the post. 

Remember that your essay should have a minimum of 150 words and ideally should be completed in 20 minutes. 

Process Essay Structure

The writing task 1 essay should be as follows:

Sample Question: Process

Read the question below carefully, what can you see in the information given? 

The image below shows the different stages involved in making olive oil. Write a 150-word report explaining the information given below.


Write your own introduction of one or two sentences, paraphrasing the question, using synonyms where you can. 


Write the overview – start this paragraph with the word ‘Overall...’ and write one or two sentences which describe the stages of the process. You can say how many stages are included in the process, how it begins and how it ends. 


Write two main body paragraphs, going into detail and giving specific information about the process. Remember to use time connectors (after, next, following this, subsequently, finally, etc) to lead the examiner through each stage of the process. 


When you have completed the essay, check it for any errors, spelling or grammar. Then check to see if you have included linking words that connect the information together, making it easy to read. For example, using the word ‘Overall..’ at the beginning of the overview paragraph. You can also use words like – on the one hand, on the other hand, furthermore, however, in addition, finally etc.

MODEL ANSWER for Process

To view more model answer for a similar question please click the link below:

Writing task 1 process model answer

The diagram presents how olive is produced with the use of different equipment.

Overall, olive oil production involves four main stages and needs different equipment to achieve its desired appearance and flavour. The process starts with the breakdown of the olives after collection in a mill and culminates with storing the product in bottles until it is ready for consumption.

The process of making olive oil starts when olives are ground in a mill to create a paste. After the paste has been spread onto mats, this is transferred into a press where water is added. Following this procedure, the mashed olive paste is placed into a separation container where the oil goes through a natural separation process from vegetable waters.

After separation, the mixture goes into the olive oil return, where more water is added and wastewater is subsequently drained. Once this process has ended, the olive oil is ready to be bottled, where it is stored for a period of time known as the clarification stage. Finally, once this time has passed the oil is ready to be used.

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