General English Course - 20 Lessons

General English Course - 20 Lessons


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Do you need to practice your general English conversation or writing to improve your school or University results?

Our highly experienced UK native teachers understand your difficulties with learning English and are here to help you to achieve your goal of improving your English. They design classes that are tailored to your specific needs, looking at everything you need to do to improve your English conversation or written work. 

So once you buy the 20 Lesson General English does it work?

You will receive;

  • Twenty one to one - 1-hour lessons.
  • A recording of each lesson for you to review.
  • All materials provided in the lesson by the teacher.
  • The teacher will also be able to help you with assignments etc on request.

The lessons will focus on the following >

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Speaking
  • Your assignment from school/college

The lessons are very interactive, with lots of advice given by your highly experienced native teacher. You will have the opportunity to practice with a teacher who has taught many students and helped them to improve their English.

Book your lessons today and see how IELTS Achieve can help you to improve your English!


Take a look at what past students have had to say about the General English Course lessons >>


"My teacher has helped me a lot with my schoolwork, English is not my first language and because I go to an English speaking school I find writing essays difficult. My teacher helps me to plan my essays and edit my work. I have improved my school results, recently getting an A for a creative writing assignment. I look forward to the lessons and my teacher is always there to help me." 

 - Katerina, age 16, Greece


"I needed help understanding English grammar and learning more vocabulary. My online classes were so helpful. My teacher talked to me about many topics and my English conversation has got better. I now go to a University in England and the online English lessons help me to get better every week."     

- Maria, age 19, Romania


"I started the English lessons because I wanted to improve my emails at work. I write every day in English to clients and I want to make sure they are correct. My teacher has helped me to improve my writing and my vocabulary. I also know about the grammar mistakes I make. I really like my online lessons and my teacher."   

- Lisha, age 25, Hong Kong


If you have any questions before you buy, please email us at

Here are some questions that we frequently get asked by students >>

Q. I want to pay in my own currency, why can't I change the currency offered?

A. The web hosting company does not allow various currency options at the moment. The currency offered is in US Dollars. This will then be converted by your bank when you pay, so the amount will come out in your own currency. 

Q. How do I book my lessons once I have paid?

A. A member of the team will be in touch to arrange the lessons with you at your convenience. 

Q. What can I do if I am not 100% happy?

A. If you are not happy with your lesson package, you must let us know after the first lesson has ended and we will happily refund you after 30 days. If you contact us once all 10 lessons have ended, you will not be eligible for a refund.