General Training Reading Practice Test 2 – Section 1

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Reading Section 1 – Questions 1-14

Read the text below and answer Questions 1-8

Your Moulex Iron

A  Filling the reservoir

Your iron is designed to function using tap water. However, it will last longer if you use distilled water.

— Always unplug the iron before filling the reservoir.
— Always empty the reservoir after use.

B  Temperature and steam control

Your Moulex iron has two buttons which control the intensity of heat produced by the iron. You can, therefore, adjust the temperature of the iron and the amount of steam being given off depending upon the type of fabric being ironed.

— Turn the steam control to the desired intensity.
— Turn the thermostat control to the desired temperature.

Important: If your iron produces droplets of water instead of giving off steam, your temperature control is set too low.

C  Spray button

This button activates a jet of cold water which allows you to iron out any unintentional creases. Press the button for one second.

D  Pressing button

This button activates a super shot of steam which momentarily gives you an additional 40g of steam when needed.

Important: Do not use this more than five successive times.

E  Suits etc.

It is possible to use this iron in a vertical position so that you can remove creases from clothes on coat hangers or from curtains. Turning the thermostat control and the steam button to maximum, hold the iron in a vertical position close to the fabric but without touching it. Hold down the pressing button for a maximum of one second. The steam produced is not always visible but is still able to remove creases.

Important: Hold the iron at a sufficient distance from silk and wool to avoid all risk of scorching Do not attempt to remove creases from an item of clothing that is being worn, always use a coat hanger.

F  Auto-clean

In order that your iron does not become furred up, Moulex has integrated an auto-clean system and we advise you to use it very regularly (1-2 times per month).

— Turn the steam control to the off position.
— Fill the reservoir and turn the thermostat control to maximum.
— As soon as the indicator light goes out, unplug the iron and, holding it over the sink, turn the steam control to auto-clean. Any calcium deposits will be washed out by the steam. Continue the procedure until the reservoir is empty.

Questions 1-4:

Match the pictures below to the appropriate section in the instructions.

Write the correct letter A-F in boxes 1-4 on your answer sheet.

Questions 5-8

Answer the following questions on the Moulex iron using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. Write your answers in boxes 5-8 on your answer sheet.

5. What sort of water is you advised to use?
6. What factor makes you decide on the quantity of steam to use?
7. What should you do if your iron starts to drip water?
8. What could damage your iron if you do not clean it?

Read the information below and answer Questions 9-14.

Classic Tours – Coach Break Information

We ask you to keep luggage down to one medium-sized suitcase per person, but a small holdall can also be taken on board the coach.

Seat Allocation
Requests for particular seats can be made on most coach breaks when booking, but since allocations are made on a first come first served basis, early booking is advisable. When bookings are made with us you will be offered the best seats that are available on the coach at that time.

Travel Documents
When you have paid your deposit we will send to you all the necessary documents and labels, so that you receive them in good time before the coach break departure date. Certain documents, for example, air or boat tickets, may have to be retained and your driver or courier will then issue them to you at the relevant point.

Special Diets
If you require a special diet you must inform us at the time of booking with a copy of the diet. This will be notified to the hotel or hotels on your coach break, but on certain coach breaks the hotels used are tourist class and whilst offering value for money within the price range, they may not have the full facilities to cope with special diets. Any extra costs incurred must be paid to the hotel by yourself before departure from the hotel.

Many of our coach-breaks now include, within the price, accommodation with private facilities, and this will be indicated on the coach break page. Other coach breaks have a limited number of rooms with private facilities which, subject to availability, can be reserved and guaranteed at the time of booking — the supplementary charge shown in the price panel will be added to your account. On any coach break, there are only a limited number of single rooms. When a single room is available it may be subject to a supplementary charge and this will be shown on the brochure page.

Some of our hotels arrange additional entertainment which could include music, dancing, film shows, etc. The nature and frequency of the entertainment presented is at the discretion of the hotel and therefore not guaranteed and could be withdrawn if there is a lack of demand or insufficient numbers in the hotel.  

Questions 9-14:

Choose the appropriate letters A-D and write them in boxes 9-14 on your answer sheet.

9.  If you want to sit at the front of the coach –

    A ask when you get on the coach.
    B arrive early on the departure date.
    C book your seat well in advance.
    D avoid travelling at peak times.

10. Your air tickets –

    A will be sent to your departure point.
    B must be collected before leaving.
    C will be enclosed with other documents.
    D may be held by your coach driver.

11.  If you need a special diet you should –
A inform the hotel when you arrive.
    B pay extra with the booking.
    C tell the coach company.
    D book tourist class.

12.  It may be necessary to pay extra for –
    A a bathroom.
    B boat tickets.
    C additional luggage.
    D entertainment.

13.  Entertainment is available –
    A at all hotels.
    B if there is the demand.
    C upon request.
    D for an additional cost.

14.  With every booking, Classic Tours guarantee you will be able to –
    A request high-quality meals.
    B take hand luggage on the coach.
    C use your own personal bathroom.
    D see a film if you want to.

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Answers >

Questions 1-8

1. D
2. A
3. C
4. E
5. distilled (water)
6. the (type of) fabric
7. turn up// increase the temperature
8. calcium deposits//furring up

Questions 9-14

 9. C
10. D
11. C
12. A
13. B
14. B

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