General Training Writing Task 1 Letter Example 1 – Moving to a new city for work

In this example, we will look at an informal letter example.

An informal letter is the type of letter you would write to a friend or family member. First names are used, or family terms, for example; Dear mum, Dear Uncle Tom, Dear Dad, etc.

An informal greeting > Dear Sarah, My dear friend, Dear Aunt Clare

When signing off the letter, you can use – ‘With best wishes’ and ‘With regards’. ‘Hope to see you soon!’ is a very informal way to close the letter.

For more infor mation on the letter structure, please visit this post on how to write an informal letter >

Letter Example 1

Dear Lyn, 

How are you doing? It’s been a while since we have seen each other. I have great news to share with you, I got a job in London and will be moving there on the 20th June. As you know, I am not familiar with the city and would love it if you could help me to find somewhere to stay. The company have offered to assist me by booking a hotel for the first week of my arrival but after that, I will need a permanent residence. 

I would prefer to live close to my workplace, to save on the daily commute. It would also be convenient if it was situated near a tube station and local high street or shopping area. I know that this will be expensive as it is in central London, but I don’t mind sharing a house or apartment with others.

I would be happy to share my living space with other professionals, or if it would be possible to live on my own in a studio apartment. My budget is around £800 per month, I hope that it will be possible to find something at that price, in a central location. 

Please get in touch and let me know if you can help me to find something. 

I look forward to seeing you again soon when I come to London.

With regards, 



This letter covers the three main points in the task about the accommodation.

It has been clearly organised with each key point being written about in a separate paragraph.

  • Paragraph 1 – Asks the friend for help in finding somewhere to stay.
  • Paragraph 2 – Tells the friend where she would like to live.
  • Paragraph 3 – Describes the type of place she is looking for.

The tone of the letter is informal and therefore appropriate as it is being sent to a friend (Hope you are doing well…..have a good catch up….see you soon!)

There is also evidence of a range of sentence structures, no grammatical or spelling errors.

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