IELTS Cue Card 5 – Something You Like To Do In the Winter

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Model Answer

I’d like to talk about how I like to travel to my parents home during the winter. I currently live in Spain and during the winter I like to travel home to visit my parents in the UK. They live in the North of England, so it is often very cold in the winter there. With temperatures getting below zero, you need to wear your warm clothes and make sure that you have the heating on when you are in the house. With living in Spain now, the temperatures in the winter are much warmer than in the UK. You can still sit outside for a coffee in December or January on a sunny day. 

I like to visit my parents and in December it snows, with heavy thick snowflakes and a full pinkish, grey sky, the snow can get quite deep. I like to get dressed up in a big thick coat, woolly hat and scarf, put on my Wellington boots and go for a long walk in the snow. It is really pretty and awe inspiring to see everything covered in thick layers of white snow, with an eerie feeling too, as the streets are deserted and everything is quiet. Then after the walk when I return home again, I like to sit and drink tea or hot chocolate by the fire with the dogs and watch some English TV shows. They always have a good programme of viewing in December, with the run up to Christmas. 

I really like to visit my parents home during the winter, not only to see them and spend time with them but to enjoy the winter weather. Going for long walks in the countryside or on the beach is really refreshing in the cold weather. You can feel like you have lots of energy after walking your dogs through a forest, so wrapped up in winter clothes so that only your face is exposed.

Being from somewhere that has a regular cold temperature with a vast difference in the seasons is great. I keep my winter wardrobe of a winter coat and wellington boots at their house, as I don’t really need them in Spain. The weather here is never as cold as there unless you travel to places that are high up in the mountains. Winter for me is never the same anywhere else, I always want to go home to get the full frosty experience.


This is a strong answer, as there are examples given of what, where and why. The topic has been fully discussed, with additional information added that was not prompted by the bullet points. There are various tenses and structures used, for the past and present. There is also evidence of collocations being used and a high level of vocabulary.

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