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IELTS reading passage – Private Schools

Private Schools

Utmost countries’ educational systems have had what you may call educational disasters, yet these’ disasters’ are still visible in numerous sections of certain countries moment. The English education system is unique in that there are still dozens of seminaries known as private seminaries, which immortalize honor and social separation. utmost countries have some private seminaries for the children of the fat; England has further than tripled the global normal.England has approximately 3,000 private schools, which teach slightly under 500,000 children, whereas state schools educate approximately nine million children. The vast majority of pupils attending private schools come from middle-class backgrounds.

The outgrowth of this system is egregious, and it contains a great deal of English history. The substantiation appears to speak for itself. Over half of scholars in the private system go on to university, whereas only roughly 8 % of scholars in the public system continue their education. Yet, figures like these can be deceptive because middle- class children perform better in examinations than working- class children, and the maturity of them continue to attend academy after the age of 16. As a result, private seminaries have an advantage over state seminaries since they ‘reentirely’ middle class,’ creating a successful terrain in which scholars study further and apply themselves more diligently to their practice .

Private seminaries are excessively priced, with freights as high as £18,000 per time at Harrow or Eton, where tycoons William and Harry studied, and at least £8,000 per time virtually far and wide differently. Numerous parents aren’t rich or indeed comfortably out, but are willing to make significant offerings for their children’s schooling. Numerous individualities are complexed as to why they must spend similar large totalities when there are impeccably acceptable state seminaries that are free.One father explained why he chose to enroll his child in a private academy by saying,” If my son has a 5% chance of attending council, that may mean the difference between success and failure.” The normal person could suppose that spending at least £ 50,000 on secondary education is inordinate for a probability that’s 5% better. Given the option, utmost kiddies would choose to take the plutocrat and use it to buy further enjoyable particulars rather than paying for a academy that’s too precious for their requirements.

Some contend that parents’ fiscal support is actually motivated by demarcation since they do not want their youthful children to interact with” workers” or acquire a bad accentuation. Also, indeed if you could pocket the plutocrat for yourself rather and, as a result, be suitable to serve the stylish Champagne with the smoked salmon and duck, it wouldn’t do if at the coming regale party all the guests boasted about their children being transferred to the same place where the son of the third kinsman of Prince Charles is going.Nonetheless, it is true that at many of the top private institutions, your money goes a long way. One school boasts 11 science labs and has 500 students; another has 800 students and has 30 music practice rooms; a third has 16 squash courts; and a fourth has its own beach.

Private seminaries spend£ 300 per pupil per time on investment in structures and installations; the government scheme spends lower than£ 50. In the books, the rate is 3:1. One of the effects that plutocrat can buy that’s delicate to measure is the appearance of a academy, what it looks like. utmost private seminaries are located in beautiful, well- maintained country houses with large grounds and auditoriums . Compared to public seminaries, they tend to look like castles, and the worst public seminaries look like public toilets, perhaps indeed tiled or covered in graffiti. numerous may indeed have an architectural design that’s nearly at the position of an artificial chalet.

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Private Schools Reading Questions

Questions 1-5 

Complete the sentences below. Choose ONE WORD ONLY from the passage for each answer.

The fact that there are so many private schools in England, in comparison to other countries, makes the English educational system 1………… Most students in these schools are from 2………… families. These students seem to do better at exams although statistics can be 3………. One of the advantages of private schools is that they seem to provide students with a better, more positive environment that encourages them to 4…………… themselves to their school work with more enthusiasm. A lot of not very well-off parents make huge sacrifices for their children’s 5………. to help them go to respectable universities.

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Questions 6-10

Choose the correct option A, B, C or D.

6.Compared to other educational systems, the English one is different because

A. It aims to equalize public and private spheres.
B. Private schools educate more students than public schools.
C. It helps to establish a class system in society.
D. It costs more to operate.

7. More private school students attend university because 

A. the lessons and teachers at private schools are significantly superior.
B. their parents frequently enroll their children in private schools
C. they have additional instructional hours
D. the school fosters a productive environment.

8.Many parents send their children to private schools.

A. due to their lack of knowledge.
B. to demonstrate to their buddies how much money they have
C. to improve their chances of passing university exams.
D. as a result of improved sports facilities.

9. It has been suggested that some parents of children enrolled in private schools are

A. biased and superficial.
B.more intellectual than those whose children attend public schools.
C.well-reared and nurtured.
D. very protective.

10. Private school

A . always have their own beaches.
B . teach sports that state schools do not.
C . spend more money per student than state schools.
D . spend more money on hiring good teachers.

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Questions 11-13 

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the Reading Passage? In boxes 11-13 on your answer sheet, write

TRUE if the statement is true
FALSE if the statement is false
NOT GIVEN if the information is not given in the passage.

11. Government School children have an advantage over the Private School Children.
12. The top private school children charge a lot of money.
13. Private schools are only available in big cities.

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Private Schools Reading answers

6. C
7. D
8. C
9. A 
10. C
12. TRUE


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