Recent IELTS Listening Exam Topics 2018

Recent IELTS exam questions 2018


When you have finished your IELTS Test, please share with other students any questions you had during your IELTS Listening Test. Post your questions/topics in the comments box underneath this post. 

When you post your listening questions and topics, please let us know the following information >

  • If it was for the Academic Test or the General Training.
  • The date of your test…..
  • Where you did your test.

**Please only post the questions and topics that you had from your test and NOT answers to questions.**

8 thoughts on “Recent IELTS Listening Exam Topics 2018”

  1. Riya Lamba

    Location – India,
    Test – General Training
    Date – 9th April 2018

    1. Job availability information
    2. newton music festival
      3.Psychology/marketing project
    3. Butterfly hibernation and migration
    1. Louise Bollanos

      Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  2. Dana Abed

    I had my test in Iran Tehran / April 2018 / Academic

    Full of multiple choice questions exactly like the ones in the Cambridge 11 test 4

    1. Louise Bollanos

      Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  3. Ahlam

    Hi, I had my test in Dubai and it was General Training. I did it in April 2018.

    Section 1 – multiple choices (patient calling a health centre)
    Section 2 – fill in the spaces (tutor and student discussion about a dissertation)
    Section 3 – matching activities and multiple choice (a guide briefing about different types of museums)
    Section 4 – fill in the gaps (about Australian voices)

    1. Louise Bollanos

      Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  4. Katia

    Academic – I had my test in the UK on June 23rd 2018

    I had a map and I had to locate the places

  5. ayojon sristi

    Academic test Dhaka, Bangladesh in 8 september 2018

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