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IELTS reading passage-A gentle giant and a pint-sized bully

You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 1-13, which are based on the Reading Passage. After you’ve attempted all the questions, review your answers using the provided A gentle giant and a pint-sized bully reading answers

A gentle giant and a pint-sized bully

A. Despite being a giant, more horse than a dog, some say, towering over its peers, the Irish Wolfhound makes quite an excellent pup. Hard as it may be to imagine a bloodhound bred for wolf hunting, with muscular limbs, a quick change of gears, the sight of an eagle, the build of a Thoroughbred, regularly trained for war and certainly hired for war will – Hungry Celtic lords of yesteryear, they should probably chop off mustard like a homemade puppy, agree with me: it sounds like it could be misleading. In fact, despite its length and popularity, the wolfhound is becoming an increasingly popular puppy in many homes across the country.  

 B. Why? Well, there are some good reasons. First of all, the wolfhound has above-average intelligence and thus responds perfectly to obedience training (provided it is trained from an early age, otherwise the animal’s strong prey power can prevent improvement in this area as well). Second, he has excellent character; Despite the hound’s popularity as a fierce, war-hardened animal, it is very calm and even-tempered. Third, the Irish Wolfhound is an extremely social animal and gets along very well with smaller children. Seeing himself as a  member of the family, he can therefore be fiercely protective of all his “brothers” and can no longer willfully allow any of them to put themselves in danger, although his sizeable physique and moderate clumsiness can cause collisions with the small members of the family don’t watch where they go.   

C. Although the Irish Wolfhound is a good defensive dog, it is no longer allowed to be exceptionally strong in this branch. The hound tends to be aloof with strangers rather than more closely competing with them, and may stop barking at intruders, at least initially, and thus also scores highly in the guard industry for error help. to set off the alarm or alert random other family members at an excellent time. However, when provoked,  or when a member of their “pack” is threatened, their primal instincts kick in. When that happens, invaders are better off!

D. He is a needy pup and a large, fenced yard is a must for any prospective owner because while he has no trouble housetraining, keeping a dog his length indoors is no longer fair. indoors all day. Their dietary requirements are enormous and that’s one of the practical things to remember before buying a wolfhound: can you afford the money for them? His huge nutritional needs also mean that normal exercise is essential for him to remain healthy and at a fairly correct weight. Five-minute walks to the corner tower are no longer enough; This animal needs adequate exercise and should be taken outside for an hour and a half each day. Another practical aspect and also a problem that affects the price (the price of the cleaning) is the tendency to shed. Irish Wolfhounds shed a wide variety of coats, and dog hair can be deposited in large quantities around the home. If all is tolerable and you still want a snuggly, snuggly size anyway, then go for it! The Irish Wolfhound offers you a few years of loyalty and friendship.    

E. However, the truth is that now no one has the distance to harbor this type of beast. And indeed, others might be conflicted about finding the time to dedicate to this creature in need. The alternative is perhaps the comparatively small West Highland White Terrier. The Highland and the Wolfhound have one very important element in common; You can be extraordinary with children. However, this is where the similarity ends. The Highland honestly doesn’t shed any hair at all, so won’t clean up afterward all the time. He also likes to make noise, which makes him the perfect short-lived watchdog, alerting you if anything suspicious is going on. However, its length limits its ability to meaningfully respond to any real-world threat observed. Compared to Wolfhound, it is a slightly larger project within the education department and needs to be carefully monitored and prove its placement within the “pack” lest its competitiveness emerges and take over as well.

F. Highland and  Wolfhound are exclusive characters in almost every way. Perhaps not wanting to be described as tranquil, the Highlands are extraordinarily excitable and highly energetic. This little fellow also suffers from a kind of length complication that makes him determined to dominate those around him and show his manners despite his humble profile. He’s not too much for “hugs” either, so don’t let his length fool you into suggesting otherwise, this isn’t a toy dog. And anyway, he is no longer the most affectionate dog, much rather digging on his lawn or barking at the neighbor’s cat than lying in his owner’s hands. So while the Wolfhound is a gentle giant, the West Highland is quite literally a bit like a terrier.

G. But no matter how much your person may change, your love of movement no longer does. The Highland is an intelligent breed and likes to be stimulated; normal walks are essential. It also has a fondness for water and loves to swim to get around. And while he’s good with older children, babies shouldn’t be left alone in the Highlands anymore, as their length, coupled with their noisy nature and hyperactivity, can also trigger a competitive reaction in the dog. 

H. While each breed has its strengths and weaknesses as pets, overall both could make quality additions to the family. The West Highland can be content indoors as long as they exercise normally, but the Wolfhound needs an outdo another family. And that’s the only factor I need to emphasize; Don’t buy a wolfhound unless you have plenty of space.

A gentle giant and a pint-sized bully reading questions

Questions 1-8

Complete the table below
Choose 10 answers from the box and write the correct letter a-i, next to questions 1-8

 Irish Wolfhound West Highland White Terrier 
Temperament and considerations when training:1………………………..
Behavior around children:    3………………………..

(a) Not everyone is sympathetic to or fascinated by a child’s signs of affection (or any member of the family).
(b) When an instruction has commenced early in life, the individual responds positively to it.
(c) A clear understanding of group allegiance leads it to shelter and provide for younger members of its family.
(d) It is energetic and could cause disturbance all around the property and in the gardens.
(e) Though it is generally good with children of all ages, its inherent stiffness might constitute a slight danger to small ones.
(f) Unless it has been taught its stance in the organization, it may endeavor to lead.
(g) A typically calm and unenthused attitude.
(h) effective for younger children who are not as overwhelmed by their size.
(i) Education at such a young point is essential because otherwise, assurance would’ve been inadequate.
(j) Usually well within and between youngsters, but likely to respond aggressively to relatively young, energetic, and restless children. 

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Questions 9-10

Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 1?
Write any one of the options for questions 9-10 on your answer sheet

TRUE             if the statement agrees with the information. 
FALSE           if the statement contradicts the information.
NOT GIVEN   if there is no information on this passage.

9. Highland and Wolfhound have nothing in common between them.
10. Wolfhound breed requires an outdoor playground in the home.

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Questions 11-13

Complete each sentence with a correct ending, A-E, below.

Write the correct letter, A-E

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11. Despite his size and prestige, the Irish Wolfhound is a……….
12. The West Highland White Terrier usually responds to intruders and notifies other members of the family.…………..
13. Because of the Irish Wolfhound with proper character to become a beloved family member…………..

A. Being extremely slow to react to outsiders or interpret them as a threat, it is a very effective watchdog.
B. Before choosing to purchase, it is crucial to consider the expenses of nourishing and washing up after the animals, as well as its space requirements.
C. Nevertheless, it must never be left unattended among children of any age owing to its energetic and occasionally extreme nature.
D. Is a vicious guard dog, altering family members at the very initial indication of threat.
E. Though it is normally worthless whenever it comes to eradicating any recognized hazards.

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  1. C.
  2. H.
  3. D.
  4. F.
  5. E
  6. G.
  7. A.
  8. J.
  9. False
  10. True
  11. A.
  12. E.
  13. B.
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