Academic Essay: Importance of Women Empowerment Reading Questions and Answers

IELTS Reading Passage -Academic Essay: Importance of Women Empowerment

Academic Essay: Importance of Women Empowerment

To begin with, Women Empowerment is an act of enabling females with the opportunities to be independent and capable of deciding for themself. Living in a patriarchal society, females have been deprived of opportunities based on gender and not given the right to uplift themselves compared to their male counterparts. Due to this, Women were not able to grow and prosper according to their potential and still miles away from equal status in society. This gave rise to the concept of women empowerment. 

Women empowerment in a simple term refers to women in economic development which were initiated by Easter Boserup around 1970. Development simply means enhancing one’s abilities whereas empowerment denotes raising one’s socio-economic status for being independent and being capable of taking one’s decision. 

Since ancient times, Male has been termed as the head of the family, the breadwinner for the family and have along the way been the sole participant of major economic activities in a family. The role of the women has always been treated inferior despite their hard work and contribution. Most of the activities women perform has been evaluated out of the economic activities zone. Thus creating women’s dependence on male members of the family for support and supplies. Lack of involvement in economic activities has demeaned the women’s contribution as a support system of the progress of society.  This is one of the main reasons for the unequal development of women and men as they were not economically strong because they relied upon men for money. 

Economic stability contributes to better nurturing of a child that generates education manpower in an area. From getting vocational training to a position in a multinational company, women empowerment enables confidence among the women to raise their voice for equality and welcome modern society. Providing Women with an opportunity to learn and practice their skills helps them to utilize their ideal time in something productive not only helps women become financially secure but contributes to family and nation’s growth as a whole. In addition to this, women empowerment induces the workforce of a state where female covers the majority of population composition. 

Women have proved time and again that women are the store of enormous talent and creativity capable of better personal as well as professional life. Besides, women empowerment reduces the rate of domestic violence as they become independent and provide the courage to stand against it. Economic stability among women is a key to achieve the right to equality and to eliminate gender discrimination. 

To eliminate the discrimination done against women, there has been various conventions like Convention on Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and organizations established to achieve the sound state of women like UN WOMEN. Various clauses reflect the right to education to raise the standard of young girls by getting an education and being capable of participating in socio-economic activities. Therefore, women empowerment as a concept aims in raising the economic, political, social life of a female to develop their productive capacity in terms of their responsibilities as well as reproduction. Women empowerment gives recognition to females as equally intelligent humans and flourishes the confidence within them. Poverty eradication would be easier when women’s participation in economic activity is generous. 

As a whole, women empowerment is a need of modern society where people need to realize the equal ability of men and women. The beneficiary prospect of women working with men has to be realized by society. The state of underemployment and unemployment can be eliminated with women empowerment that consequently guides the society to enhance the living standard and achieve state development. The independent state is achieved once an individual is capable of looking after their own expense for which women’s empowerment is necessary. And then the political and social life of a female will gradually be a prosperous one. The world cannot succeed when half of the population is inactive.


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