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IELTS Reading passage – Advertisements, Microwave Oven & Guided Walks



Buy a Burger, Get the same oneFREE! You are invited to enjoy a special treat at Jaspar’s Macquarie Plaza. Simply present this coupon with your next order and when you purchase the burger of your choice it will be our pleasure to give you another burger of the same variety absolutely FREE! Valid only at Macquarie and ONE voucher per customer per day.Jaspar’s Macquarie PlazaNorth RichmondExpires 9th May 2018. Cannot be used with any other Jaspar’s offer.  Eat in or Takeaway|  Level 3, next to the cinema complex  |


Fine Italian FoodB.Y.O Eat In – TakeawayOPEN Lunch – DinnerNow: Better Menu – Food – Service SuperbWinter Dishes and DessertPerfect for PartiesSeparate party rooms and choice of set menu availableFor 10-80 people and value for $$$Phone: 271 8600     12 Oxford St. EPPING|  Opp. PO. Ample parking  |


693 2258No Corkage    693 2260and licensedIndian FlavourDINNER 7 NIGHTS •  10% discount on takeaways •  Free home delivery (local areas only) •  Banquet – only $16.50 per person •  Separate party’ room (up to 90 people)|  63-65 John Street, RYDE  |

D.Writers cafe

Dante Trattoria, Shop 4, Spring Centre,|  Soldier’s Road, Neutral Bay. Ph: 953 1212  |OPEN: 8 am-midnightCUISINE: Italian influence, menu changes every four months. Breakfast includes toast, pancakes, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, gourmet sausages and fruit; light meals and lunch menu includes pasta, salad, crepes, seafood, soups, focaccia, burgers, desserts.PRICES: Breakfast $4.50 – $8.90 Lunch $6.90-513.90ATMOSPHERE: Relaxed and quiet. Patrons can dine inside or out.CREDIT CARDS: Yes


Are you looking for some healthy alternatives to your menu? Join our creative and nutritious three-week program conducted by qualified professionals, including delicious tastings and demonstrations.Starting Wednesday, May 10 at 7.15 pm.Centre for Health ManagementSYDNEY DAY HOSPITALBOOK NOW 748 9696

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Questions 1-6

There are 5 advertisements A-E in the text above. Answer question 1-6 by choosing the correct advertisements.Select the appropriate advertisements and write A- E in boxes 1-6 on your answer sheet.

1. Which advertisement is not for a restaurant?
2. Which advertisement offer facilities for parties up to 90 people?
3. Which restaurant states that it serves breakfast?
4. Which restaurant will give you an extra serving if you present the coupon?
5. Which restaurant does not offer a takeaway service?
6. Which restaurant will bring the food you order to your house?

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Read the instruction on how to use a Microwave Oven below and answer questions 7-12.

Questions 7-12

The following text is a series of general instructions for using a microwave oven. Part of each instruction is underlined.In boxes 7-12 on your answer sheet write:

    if the underlined section gives an EXAMPLE of the instruction.
    if the underlined section gives a REASON for the instruction.
CR   if the underlined section is a CORRECT PROCEDURE.


Example Do not boil eggs in their shell (unless otherwise stated).

7. Whilst heating liquids which contain air (e.g. milk or milk-based fluids), stir several times during heating to avoid spillage of the liquid from the container.
8. Potatoes, apples, egg yolks, whole squash and sausages are all foods with non-porous skins. This type of food must be pierced before cooking. to prevent bursting.
9. Do not dry clothes or other materials in the oven. They may catch on fire.
10. Do not cook food directly on glass oven tray unless indicated in recipes. Food should be placed in a suitable cooking utensil.
11. Do not hit control panel. Damage to controls may occur.
12. Clean the oven, the door and the seals with water and a mild detergent at regular intervals. Never use an abrasive cleaner that may scratch the surfaces around the door.

Read the text “Guided Walks and Nature Activities” below and answer questions 13 -20.

Kuringai Chase National Park Guided Walks and Nature Activities

SUNDAY MAY 7:  EASYEarly Morning Stroll in Upper Lane Cove Valley.

Meet at 7.30 am at the end of Day Rd, Cheltenham while the bush is alive with birdsong.Round trip: 4 hours.

FRIDAY MAY 12:  MEDIUMPossum Prowl.

Meet 7.30 pm at Seaforth Oval carpark. Enjoy the peace of the bush at night. Lovely water views. Bring a torch and wear non-slip shoes as some rock clambering involved. Coffee and biscuits supplied.Duration: 2 hours.

SUNDAY JUNE 4:  HARDBairne / Basin Track.

Meet 9.30 am Track #8, West Head Road. Magnificent Pittwater views. Visit Beechwood cottage. Bring lunch and drink. Some steep sections. Reasonable fitness required.Duration: approx. 6 hours.

FRIDAY JUNE 16:  EASYPoetry around a mid-winter campfire.

Meet 7.00 pm Kalkaari Visitor Centre. Share your favourite poem or one of your own with a group around a gently crackling fire. Billy tea and damper to follow. Dress up warmly. Bring a mug and a rug (or a chair).Cost $4.00 per person.Duration: 2.5 hours

SUNDAY JUNE 25:  EASYMorning Walk at Mitchell Park.

Meet 8.30 am, entrance to Mitchell Park, Mitchell Park Rd, Cattai for a pleasant walk wandering through the rainforest, river flats and dry forest to swampland. Binoculars a must to bring as many birds live here. Finish with morning tea.Duration: 3 hours.

GRADING-EASY: suitable for ALL fitness levelsMEDIUM: for those who PERIODICALLY exerciseHARD: only if you REGULARLY exercise

Questions 13-20

Below is a chart containing some of the Kuringai Chase Park Nature Activities. Fill in the blanks using information from the brochure “Guided Walks and Nature Activities”. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS in boxes 13-20 on your answer sheet.

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1. E
2. C
3. D
4. A
5. D
6. C
7. R
8. E
9. R
10. CP
11. R
12. CP
13. birdsong
14. binoculars
15. (billy) tea
16. damper
17. Possum Prowl
18. torch
19. non-slip shoes
20. (lovely) (water) views


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