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IELTS reading passage – Australian popular magazines

A. Magazines as a product of entertainment reading, enjoyment, and information, or as gentlemen of the time called “indoctrination”, have their origins in England in the early 18th century when the innovator became Robinson author Daniel Defoe. The term Maga comes from the French Magazin, initially intended as a repository, and was apt because the first published magazine held an inventory of various writings on a wide range of subjects. Defoe titled his magazine “The Review”, which he published five years after the first issue. It was published with the help of various now-famous magazines such as The Trailer and The Spectator. Each produced with the help of the same partner’s authors Richard Steele and Joseph Addison.

B. As for Australian famous magazines, initially, for the founding days of the colonies, readers of the time trusted the sluggish cruising ships from England to deliver most of the different vital items, newspapers, and journals.

C. In 1855, Australia published its first popular magazine. It was a hugely successful Melbourne punch whose longevity stretched into the first quarter of the 20th century.

D. Popular illustrated magazines quickly became a significant factor for the educated Australians, shaping our national image, just as ballad singers and touring entertainers also made major contributions. Against this background, the now famous ‘Old Bulletin’ was created in 1880. From the outset, the Bulletin’s policy has been to promote and encourage Australian writers and artists: it has succeeded in the names and reputation of Henry Lawson, ‘Banjo’ Paterson, Steele Rudd, and dozens of others. He created a new and unique school of black and white art that, for example, gave Phil May his big breakthrough and eventually worldwide recognition. Such was the influence of The Bulletin that this legendary ’90s era is considered the source of our national culture. In this pre-federation era of Australia, not only were several fascinating periodicals founded but many were created and owned by respected writers of the time. These included writers Henry Kendall, Marcus Clarke, Rolf Boldrewood, Randolph Bedford, Edward Dyson, Norman Lindsay, and CJ Dennis, among others.

E. As they were developed, technological advances were quickly taken advantage of. Most notable was the development of photoengraving, which made it possible for the first time to reproduce “halftone” photographs. In this ingenious method, simply rephotographing through a dotted glass plate onto a metal plate, after an acid bath, the color tone is simulated by a pattern of small raised dots of varying sizes. After inking, the metal sheet is ready to reproduce a facsimile picture composed of tiny dots. Historically, artists painted scenes and events upside down on prepared blocks of wood. This was given to the sculptor, who used a variety of delicate cutting tools to scrape away areas of the drawing, leaving a raised surface, then inked and applying pressure to get the black and white impression of the image. And for the first time, photoengraving allowed artists to draw cartoons in any way and any style, and the printed result could be scaled up or down, drawn down to the smallest detail. will be as shown. Other less important technological developments included high-speed printing presses, simultaneous multi-color printing, and certain electronic “scanner” devices for producing color illustrations.

F. In general, Australian journals today do not differ much in content from those of the last century. There are some new addresses. For example, The Bulletin’s highly political content reflects a recognition that Australia is increasingly drawn to the wider international community.  While once popular and hugely successful magazines like Pix and Original People only survived in the 1980s after World War II, the famous Australasian Post survived for more than 120 years (it changed its name slightly in 1946). However, the magazine has long topped the list of the highest circulation magazines of its kind in Australia. Much of this success is due to a deliberate editorial policy with a focus on Australia. Penthouse Australia and other contemporary magazines such as Playboy, Creo, and Cosmopolitan have a policy of striving for international quality rather than national identity, and Penthouse is different.

G. Today, at a new high of public awareness, formerly minor courses of the past take on new significance as reassessments of records for a comprehensive look at our civilization. The changes in social behaviors, interests, attitudes, styles, and manners that they reflect are an important part of our personality.

Australian popular magazines reading questions

Question 1-6

Reading Passage 1 has 7 sections A—G. Choose the most suitable heading for each section from the list of headings below. Write the appropriate numbers (i-x) in boxes 1—6 on your answer sheet.

Note: There are more headings than sections so you will not use all of them. You may use any of the headings more than once. Example C Answer iv


i.     Daniel Defoe wrote Robinson Crusoe

ii.    Culture of Australia and the bulletin

iii.   Australia’s magazines today

iv.   The country’s first magazine

v.    The very first magazines

vi.   Australians rely on the news from England.

vii.  The historical significance of magazines

viii. Printing technology advancements

ix.   Photographic printing

x.   Some periodicals have passed away.

1. Section A

2. Section B

3. Section D

4. Section E

5. Section F

6. Section G

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Question 7–11

Look at the following Questions 7 – 11 and the list of the statements below. Match each statement with the correct one.

N  New method of printing illustrations

O  Old method of printing illustrations

B  Both methods of printing illustrations

NB You may use any letter more than once.

7.  a wooden block

8.  a metal sheet

9.  a glass screen

10. inking

11. image is reversed

Question 12–14

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This reading passage has six paragraphs, A–F.F or which magazines are the following statements true? Write the name of ONE appropriate magazine for each question in boxes 12—14 on your answer sheet.

Example: The first magazine Answer: The review

12. is no longer published

13. has changed his name

14. has a strong political focus

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