Citywide Power Company Reading Questions and Answers

The Blog post contains the following IELTS Reading Questions:

  • IELTS Reading True/False/Not Given
  • IELTS Reading Matching Headings

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IELTS Reading passage – Citywide Power Company

Citywide Power Company

Citywide Power Company
Citywide Power Company 1

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Questions 1-9

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text? In boxes 1-9 on your answer sheet, write

TRUE if the statement agrees with the information
FALSE if the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVEN if there is no information on this

1Calls you make to Citywide Customer Service are not billed to you by the phone company.
2Every Citywide customer receives a 15% discount.
3If you do not have enough money in your bank account when the direct debit is due, a penalty of 2% is added to your bill.
4With Internet banking, the bank does not automatically transfer the funds.
5Automatic payment suits people on low incomes.
6You should pay your bill straight away if you are using a telephone transfer.
7Citywide does not accept all credit cards.
8There are no postage costs associated with sending a cheque to Citywide in the mail.
9You should use cash to pay in person.

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Questions 10-14

The following text has five sections, A-E. Choose the correct heading for each section from the list of headings below. Write the correct number, i-viii, in boxes 10-14 on your answer sheet.

10Section A
11Section B
12Section C
13Section D
14Section E

List of Headings

  1. Add shine
  2. Return to original condition

III. Avoid excessive wetness

  1. Prevent damage
  2. Heat the straightening irons
  3. Move the irons through the hair

VII. Take only a second

VIII. Remove moisture

How to use your new Flemings Flat irons

Make sure to coat strands with a heat-protective spray before use. This will stop the straightening irons from causing excessive dehydration and frizz, which can sap the integrity of the hair shaft.

Part hair into four or five large sections, and blow-dry each section using a paddle brush.

Take a one or two-inch section of hair and clamp the iron down as close to the roots as possible. Pull the iron down towards the tips with a firm, steady hand. Be careful not to tug or jerk on the hair, and do not pause for more than a split second.

After straightening, smooth a serum gloss from mid-shaft to the tips. This creates a slightly reflective sheen, which gives a polished and healthy appearance to your hair.

Your new hairdo can withstand some moisture such as misty rain or mild humidity, but take care not to get it saturated. This will counteract the effect of the straightening, and the hair will return to its naturally curly or wavy state.

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1Answer: True
2Answer: False
3Answer: False
4Answer: True
5Answer: Not Given
6Answer: False
7Answer: True
8Answer: True
9Answer: Not Given
10Answer: iv
11Answer: viii
12Answer: vi
13Answer: i
14Answer: iii


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