Cornwall Reading Ielts Answers and Questions

The Blog post contains the following IELTS Reading Questions

  • IELTS Reading Matching headings.
  • IELTS Reading True, False or Not Given.
  • IELTS Reading Sentence completion

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IELTS Reading Passage – Cornwall


A love affair that lasts a lifetime

Cornwall is hard to resist falling in love with. For some, it is the pleasant recollections of a childhood beach vacation. For others, it is the summer fling of adolescence. For the majority, it is a lifelong affair of passion. Then let the affair commence!

Cornwall, located in the far west of Great Britain, has a captivating 300-mile coastline and is essentially fully surrounded by water. It is also the location of the southern point of mainland Great Britain, The Lizard, and one of the most western points, Land’s End.

Cornwall is renowned for many things, including its rugged coastline and charming fishing villages, its pristine beaches and pounding surf, which provide a natural playground for a range of water sports, and, of course, its pasties and cream teas.

However, there are other aspects of Cornwall that may surprise you. For example, the vastness of Cornwall Moor with its expansive view of the sky. In addition, West Cornwall is home to a vibrant art scene influenced by the region’s naturally beautiful scenery. Cornwall’s gastronomy scene has lately grown comparable to that of London and beyond.

Cornwall also has a rich history rooted in its Celtic origins, Celtic Cornish culture, the warmth and reliability of its people, and the Cornish language, which can be found in the names of its villages. Cornwall is unique in its way.

Why not experience some of Cornwall’s most renowned attractions?  You’ll be spoiled for choice with imposing castles, gorgeous gardens, and locations steeped in mythology and history. Here are several instances to aid you to get started.

Explore the enchantment of this gorgeous Cornish valley garden with more than four miles of walk, which is considered one of Cornwall’s great gardens and one of the world’s top 80 greatest gardens.

Lanhydrock is dedicated to a spectacular late Victorian mansion with gardens and a forested estate. Discover the ‘below stairs’ and ‘above stairs’ aspects of Victorian life.

The Geevor Tin Mining in Cornwall, England, is a Cornish Mining World Heritage Site as well as one of the country’s largest intact mine sites. Geevor’s tours and collections, which are housed on two acres of historic buildings, help bring Cornwall’s storied industrial heritage to life.

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Cornwall Reading Questions

Questions 1-7

Match the headings using the list of letters, A-I, below: Write the correct letter, and answer 1-7 on your answer sheet.List of headings:

  1.  Geevor Tin Mine – near Penzance
  2.  What’s so special about it?
  3.  Lanhydrock – Bodmin
  4.  Area of Cornwall
  5.  History and culture
  6.  Where is Cornwall?
  7.  Beauty of Cornwall
  8.  Trebah Garden – near Falmouth
  9.  Expect the unexpected
  10. Paragraph A
  11. Paragraph B
  12. Paragraph C
  13. Paragraph D
  14. Paragraph E
  15. Paragraph F
  16. Paragraph G

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Questions 8-10

Answer the question from True/ False or Not Given.

TRUE            if the statement agrees with the views of the writer

FALSE           if the statement contradicts the views of the writer

NOT GIVEN  if it is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this

8. Cornwall is located on the southern side of Great Britain.

9. When compared to other gardens, those in Cornwall stand out as the best.

10. Among the country’s major mine sites, the Geevor tin mine has been meticulously maintained.

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Questions 11-14

Complete the following sentences.Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER from the passage for each answer.

11. One thing that makes Cornwall discrete from the rest of England is its ___________ heritage. 12. Cornwall has magnificent coastal views including the most __________ point in Great Britain. 13. The perfect place to locate insights into Cornwall’s industrial past is a ___________ . 14. Cornwall can now be compared to __________ for its food and amazing chefs.

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Cornwall answers

1.  F –  Where is Cornwall?

2.  B –  What’s so special about it?

3.  I –  Expect the unexpected

4.  I –  History and culture

5.  H –  Trebah Garden – near Falmouth

6.  C –  Lanhydrock – Bodmin

7.  A –  Geevor Tin Mine – near Penzance

8.  FALSE 


10.  TRUE 




 14.  LONDON


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