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IELTS Reading passage Courses Available at North Coast College & Information on Photocopying

Courses Available at North Coast College Campuses


Specialist agriculture centres of the North Coast College offer courses ranging from agricultural skills to beef production, horse studies and rural management. The Wollongbar Campus is renowned for its Tropical Fruit Growing program and has introduced modules on macadamias, bushfoods and coffee production. Taree offers the Veterinary Assistant program and has introduced `Agristudy’, which enables students to learn flexibly and by correspondence, using a mixture of ‘student learning guides, telephone tutorials, information sessions and workshops. Mullumbimby has the popular Rural Business Management program, which can also be studied by correspondence. Grafton, meanwhile, offers traineeships in agriculture including Beef and Dairy.

Health programs

The continued promotion of healthier living within the community has seen an increase in fitness awareness and a need for trained staff in the Fitness and Sport industries. Fitness Instruction courses are offered at Tweed Heads and teach students how to put together and lead a safe fitness program.

Lismore offers the Aged Support program and Port Macquarie offers the Early Childhood Nursing program. These courses give you the theoretical skills, knowledge and practical experience needed to work in a variety of residential and community-based health care institutions. For students interested in working in the Remedial Health Care industry, Kingscliff is a specialist centre for the Natural Therapy Diploma and has a health clinic on campus.

Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies courses offered by the North Coast College have been developed to help students increase their awareness and understanding of environmental issues and to enable them to determine their environmental impact. The Environmental Practice course, which includes Coastal Management, is offered through Ballina campus.

For people interested in working to restore degraded natural forests, the North Coast College offers the Forest Regeneration course at Casino. This course can provide a pathway for students into the Natural Resource Management Diploma at university. Marine Industry Management programs are offered at Coffs Harbour.

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Questions 15-21

Look at the following list of campuses (Questions 15-21) and the fields of study below.Match each campus with the field of study available there.

Write the correct letter A-K in boxes 15-21 on your answer sheet.

15.  Wollongbar
16.  Grafton
17.  Tweed Heads
18.  Lismore
19.  Port Macquarie
20.  Ballina
21.  Coffs Harbour

Fields of Study

A.  forest restoration
B.  banana cultivation
C.  horse breeding
D.  infant illness
E.  elderly care
F.  fish farming
G.  herbal therapy
H.  cattle farming
I.  beach protection
J.  animal health
K.  recreation programs 

Questions 22-27.

Information on Photocopying

Information Services provide a Prepaid Services Card system for student and staff use of photocopiers and associated equipment in the Library, and use of laser printers in B Block. The same system has recently been installed in the Student Representative Council (SRC) for use with photocopiers there.

The system uses a plastic card similar to a keycard. Each card, called a ‘Prepaid Services Card’, has a unique, six-digit account number that accesses the system. Initially, students and other users will have to purchase a Prepaid Services Card from a teller machine located in the Library or B Block Computer Labs. The Prepaid Services Card costs $2.00. It is important that you keep a record of your card’s account number and sign your name or write your student ID number on the card.

Users prepay for Library, Computer Lab or SRC services by adding value to their Prepaid Services Card. There are no refunds, so only add value for the amount of prepaid services you intend to use. The maximum amount of prepaid services or value that can be added to a card is $50.00.

Two note and coin teller machines have been installed, one in the photocopy room on Level 2 of the Library and the other in the B Block Computer Labs. These teller machines accept any denomination of coins or notes up to $50.00. The SRC has a smaller, coin only, teller machine.

When a new card is purchased, the Library and B Block Computer Labs teller machines automatically issue a receipt to the user. However, when adding credit to your existing card the printing of receipts is optional.

For added security, a card user may choose to allocate a PIN or Personal Identification Number to their Prepaid Services Card. The PIN must then be entered each time the card is used.

Questions 22-27

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the passage – “Information on Photocopying”?

In boxes 22-27 on your answer sheet write

TRUE       if the statement agrees with the information    
FALSE       if the statement contradicts the information    
NOT GIVEN       if there is no information on this

22.  Prepaid Services Cards are in use in three locations.
23.  You can only buy a Prepaid Services Card at the Library
24.  The smallest amount that can be added to the Prepaid Services Card at the Library teller machine is $5.
25.  The Prepaid Services Card can be used to pay library fines.
26.  Notes and coins can be used in all teller machines.
27.  A PIN is allocated when you purchase your Prepaid Services Card.

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15. B
16. H
17. K
18. E
19. D
20. I
21. F
22. TRUE


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