Days of the Week: IELTS Listening Vocabulary

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday; weekdays, weekend. 


Definition: The second day of the week; considered the first day of the working week in many cultures. 
Example: I have a meeting scheduled for Monday morning. 


Definition: The third day of the week; it follows Monday. 
Example: We usually go grocery shopping every Tuesday.


Definition: The fourth day of the week; the middle of a typical working week. 


Definition: The fifth day of the week; it follows Wednesday. 
Example: She’ll be visiting her parents on Thursday.


Definition: The sixth day of the week and the final day of the working week for many. 
Example: We often go out for dinner on Friday nights to celebrate the start of the weekend.


Definition: The seventh day of the week, and typically the second day of the weekend. 
Example: They’re hosting a party at their house this Saturday.


Definition: The first day of the week in some cultures, and the last day of the weekend. 
Example: I usually use Sunday as a day to relax and prepare for the upcoming week.


Definition: The days of the week from Monday to Friday. 
Example: Most businesses operate on weekdays.


Definition: The two days at the end of the week, typically comprising Saturday and Sunday. 
Example: I’m looking forward to the weekend; I plan to go hiking.

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