Describe a place where you would like to travel to: IELTS Speaking Part 2 / IELTS Cue Answer

Describe a place where you would like to travel to.

You should say:

  •  where and when you would like to go there
  •  how you would go there
  •  ith whom you would go there

and explain why you would like to go to this place.

Sample Response:

A destination that has always been on my bucket list is Kyoto, Japan. I have always been enamored by its rich history, fascinating culture, and the juxtaposition of the old and the new. Ideally, I’d love to visit Kyoto during the springtime, around late March or early April, to witness the breathtakingly beautiful cherry blossom season.

I would prefer flying into Osaka’s Kansai International Airport since it’s the nearest major international hub to Kyoto. From there, I’d take a train, probably the Shinkansen or the so-called “bullet train”, which is not only an experience in itself but also a testament to Japan’s modern technological prowess amidst its well-preserved traditions. The journey, as I’ve read, offers scenic views of the countryside and is incredibly efficient, taking just about 15 minutes!

I’d love to embark on this journey with my younger sister. We both share a love for travel and history, and she has a particular interest in Japanese art and tea ceremonies. I believe Kyoto, with its ancient temples, beautiful gardens, and traditional tea houses, would be the perfect place for both of us to learn and experience firsthand the beauty of Japanese culture.

The reasons I want to visit Kyoto are multifaceted. Foremost, I’m drawn to its history. Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan for over a millennium and has been the center of Japanese culture for more than a thousand years. Temples like Kinkaku-ji and Kiyomizu-dera are not just architectural wonders but also offer a glimpse into Japan’s past. Moreover, walking through Gion, the famous Geisha district, would be like stepping back in time. I’ve also heard a lot about the local cuisine, especially the matcha-flavored sweets, which I am eager to try.

In essence, Kyoto represents a harmonious blend of ancient traditions and modernity. The serenity of its temples, the beauty of its nature, and the warmth of its people make it an irresistible travel destination for me. It would be a journey of not just sightseeing but also soul enrichment.

Recommended Vocabulary:

  1. Enamored: To be filled with a feeling of love or admiration.
  • Example: She was completely enamored by the scenic beauty of the mountains.
  1. Juxtaposition: The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.
  • Example: The juxtaposition of the modern skyscrapers and ancient temples was fascinating.
  1. Shinkansen: A network of high-speed railway lines in Japan.
  • Example: We took the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka, and the ride was smooth and efficient.
  1. Embark: Begin a course of action.
  • Example: They are about to embark on a long journey.
  1. Multifaceted: Having many facets or aspects.
  • Example: His personality is multifaceted, showing different traits in different situations.
  1. Imperial: Relating to an empire.
  • Example: The imperial palace is a significant historical site.
  1. Serenity: The state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.
  • Example: The serenity of the countryside was a refreshing change from city life.
  1. Irresistible: Too attractive and tempting to be resisted.
  • Example: The offer was irresistible, so he immediately accepted it.
  1. Enrichment: The action of improving the quality or value of something.
  • Example: Travel provides cultural enrichment to the soul.
  1. Cuisine: A style or method of cooking.
    • Example: Indian cuisine is known for its rich flavors and varied spices.
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