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IELTS Reading passage Dress regulations at work & Better work-life balance

Dress regulations at work

Your contract may state that you need to dress in a certain manner or wear a uniform. Your contract might also state that you need to dress ‘smartly’, rather than specifying any particular garments. As you might well have conflicting ideas of what counts as smart’, you should ask your employer for clarification. Many employers that have a strict dress code choose to provide clothing or a discount on clothing. However, this is not necessarily compulsory for the employer and is a factor you need to consider when taking a job.

Protective clothing and equipment

Your employer can tell you to put on protective clothing and equipment (such as gloves, a visor, boots, etc.). If you don’t, your employer is entitled to take disciplinary action, which can include excluding you from the workplace.You are required to:•    co-operate with your employer on health and safety•    correctly use work items provided by your employer, including protective equipment, in accordance with instructions•    not interfere with or misuse anything provided for your health and safety or welfare.Of course, any protective gear has to fit and be appropriate for the situation. It shouldn’t cause you pain. If it does, you should negotiate alternative equipment or arrangements. Don’t be put off. Sometimes employers can, out of caution, interpret health and safety rules unnecessarily rigidly. And of course, you shouldn’t be required to pay for any protective equipment or clothing that you need. However, if your employer buys the gear, they are entitled to keep it when you leave.The obligation to maintain protective clothing lies with the employer. The employer is also required to provide an appropriate storage space to keep the protective equipment in when it is not being used. And finally, the employer must provide the equipment and service free of charge to the employee.


Banning employees from wearing jewellery and loose clothing may be justified to prevent a potential hygiene hazard if you work in areas of food production or areas which need to be kept sterile.Likewise, your employer can judge that loose jewellery may constitute a snagging hazard if you operate machinery. If you think restrictions are not justified by health and safety concerns, talk to your workplace union rep if you have one, as they may know of solutions to the problem which other employees have used before.

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Questions 15-20

Complete the sentences below. Choose ONE WORD ONLY from the text for each answer.Write your answers in boxes 15-20 on your answer sheet.

15.   If employees are unsure what their company wishes them to wear for work, they should request …………….
16.   Some companies offer their employees a ……………. when they buy items to wear for work.
17.   Employees who fail to wear protective clothing when required could be subject to ……………. procedures.
18.   Employees ought not to be in ……………. because of protective clothing or equipment.
19.   It is the company’s responsibility to ensure that there is a suitable place for the ……………. of protective equipment.
20.   Employees who work with certain types of ……………. may have to remove jewellery to avoid potential injuries.

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Questions 21-27.

How to achieve a better work-life balance

As more and more employees work from home full time and everyone has 24/7 access to email, balancing work and family may not seem like an easily attainable goal. So how can you juggle the demands of both worlds? Below are some tips to help you get started.

It’s easy to get sucked into habits that, make us less efficient without realizing it – like keeping your social media page open at work so you don’t miss something ‘important’. Draw up a list with all the activities that don’t enhance your life or career. Then minimize the time you spend on them.

It’s hard to say no’, especially to a supervisor or loved one, but sometimes that powerful little word is essential. Learn to use ‘no’ judiciously and it will become a powerful tool in balancing work and family.

Research shows that exercise helps you remain alert. Finding time to hit the gym may be hard, but it will ultimately help you get more things done because exercise really boosts energy and improves your ability to concentrate.

Study after study shows that significant sleep deprivation affects your health and well-being. Exposure to electronics can significantly negatively impact your sleep, so try to unplug an hour before you go to sleep.

What would you do if you had a whole day to yourself with no demands on your time? While most people don’t have the luxury of a whole day dedicated to relaxation, constantly putting off that downtime and putting everyone’s needs before yours will wear you down. Pick a time to do something just for you. Even just a few minutes of ‘me time’ a day will help to recharge your batteries.

Don’t assume your family and manager are aware of your concerns. If you feel you have to adjust your schedule to discover a better work-life balance, then voice that requirement. If that means asking your boss for permission to leave a few minutes early once a week so you can hit that yoga class on the way home, do it.

All new habits require time to build, so if you find yourself sneaking your smartphone to bed, that’s okay. Leave your phone downstairs tomorrow night. Tiny steps are the key to finding that balance, so start small, and go from there. Most of all, know your limitations and what works best for you; then decide what really matters, what advice you want to follow, and prioritize.

Questions 21-27

Complete the notes below. Choose ONE WORD ONLY from the text for each answer.Write your answers in Boxes 21-27 on your answer sheet.

Achieving a better work-life balance

How to begin

•   Make a complete 21 ……………. of things that are not helpful and reduce involvement in them
•   Refuse some requests as this can be a useful 22 ……………. in gaining a better work-life balance

Things that cars help

•   Regular exercise    – can increase 23 ……………. significantly
•   Sleep    – insufficient sleep can make people ill    – avoid focusing on 24 ……………. in the lead-up to bedtime

Issues that require attention

•    Those who see other people’s 25 ……………. as more important than their own will suffer
•    If the working day is too long, get 26 ……………. to shorten it occasionally
•    People should learn to recognise their own 27 …………….

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15. clarification
16. discount
17. disciplinary
18. pain
19. storage
20. machinery
21. list
22. tool
23. energy
24. electronics
25. needs
26. permission
27. limitations


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