Essay on Current Status Of Transportation Reading Questions and Answers

IELTS Reading passage Essay on Current Status Of Transportation

Essay on Current Status Of Transportation

Transportation in simple words denotes the process of moving things from one place to another including people. From having animals carrying the goods to move it to the hills from the valleys to taking people from one state to another, transportation is a medium for the movement of humans, animals, and goods. Transportation is a technique that uses vehicle and road networks to carry out the movement activities possible within a limited period with options and variations available. The variation denotes the various types of transportation available on one earth.

Moving further, there are four types of transportation; roadways, airways, railways, and waterways. Waterways are the cheapest form of transportation that uses sea routes and rivers whereas airplanes and helicopters that use airports for its stand represent the airways. Railways are the train path set for the movement of a train with huge capacity whereas roadways are the connection made by developing infrastructures and building road networks where vehicles like bus, car, truck move. The track has to be set for the movement of vehicles or the stop has to be pre-decided in any means as the destination must need a moment to hold on.

Traditionally, the state of the world was underdeveloped which lacked infrastructures of development. Transportation in itself is a major infrastructure for development as access to educational needs, medical services or communication cannot be possible when one has to way to reach the desired places. Waterways have been in use for decades as the existence of sea is natural on earth whereas airports, rail tracks, and roads are what developed by the people with time. The animals are still used in place of porters to the areas where taking a cab is not possible. The ultimate option cannot be airways as it requires space but a safe landing and extra cost too.

Talking about the situation of transportation, railways and roadways are the most common ones as they are cheap and reachable as well. Waterways are not possible for landlocked countries to conduct the export and import activity beyond one’s territory. Waterways being one of the cheapest ones is a risk too. Railways are convenient with huge capacity but still, roadways are the most preferred ones by developed countries. This is affordable as well as possible for developing countries too with graded road conditions such as gravel, blacktop, or muddy. Seeing the risk, ropeways were eliminated from years but have been adapted in the form of a trolley bus or cable car.

Besides, the condition of transportation shows the status of a nation. Developing countries still take airways to luxury more than the necessity as it saves time but costs high for frequent purposes. Railways have been a common means in developed as well as developing countries with preferred rates and accommodations. Also, the road is still taken as a need in some corners of the world where travel is a myth. Thus, it is high time to have a condition where every corner of the time brings the world into the connection with affordable means and public benefitted service. 


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