Gaps Between Education And Work And Its Solution Reading Questions and Answers

IELTS Reading passage Gaps Between Education And Work And Its Solution 

Gaps Between Education And Work And Its Solution 

In the first place, Education is the enlightened one receives in life to distinguish between good and bad, of right and wrong. Later, it turns out to be the opportunity to learn on desired fields at the academic levels and has a lot of variations and options to enroll in. The ultimate aim of an individual turns out to be professional with the knowledge he/she gains in their life. The vision of perceiving oneself as expertise or a significant personality in the desired field is likely to happen. We learn to earn for our living and maintain economic stability with sound employment. They are the platforms we get with no work on what we have achieved so far.

Having said that the work and education are related, there are a lot of cases where the educational qualification plays no role in the work.  An individual from an early age does professional preparation to shape their future. A person willing to know the law of a country, its details, and process aims to be the law-makers or the advocates rather than a businessperson. The fluctuations in interest might happen sometime but they are not likely to happen with every individual. A human takes the career decision after high school to know what interests you or what are the actors you can enter into.

Due to many reasons like the state of underemployment or unemployment in a state, a person involved in the field that demands less of their quantification or different from their academics. This creates a bridge between one’s education and employment. The causes may vary from one’s weak economic condition that makes them ready for any job opportunities they are provided with, there are chances where the applicants are high but the limited positions where one has the option to accept the one that has been offered.

In the scenarios presented above, they affect one’s motivation to work with what they know in the long run. At the same time, the state of dilemma occurs where one has to either start from an initial position with an educational qualification or move on with the experience of the task they are working with. In the case where the bridge or gap between education and work creates difficulties, one has to accept what happened with genuine reasoning to the concerned authority. Or else the guts to start with qualification instead of experience would be appreciated too.

So, the gap between education and work is a common issue one faces when starting working at a young age or completing a degree after having a huge experience. To eliminate this trend, the state of the unemployable workforce has to be removed from a state so that the deserving and qualified get a platform to express or impose what they have learned so far.


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