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Glass capturing the dance of the light Full Passage

Glass capturing the dance of the light 

A.  Glass has nobel favour to humans in one form and another. As one of the most broadly used of mass produced substances, and assuredly the most adaptable, it can be as impressive as a telescope reflecting the breadth of a tennis court or as compact and easy as a marble spin beyond dust. The utilize of this flexible substance has been enlarged badly by up to date technologies glass fibre views- more than eight million miles– moving telephone and television signals beyond nations, glass crockery helping as the nose cones of rocket and coronet for teeth; small glass beads taking emission doses inner most of the body  to particular organs, even a new kind of glass adapted of fundamental scrap in order to destroy of that  undesired substance.   

B. Visual computers are on the view. These could save plan and action details by means of illumination-surplus from small lasers-as a substitute electrons. And the pluses would move above glass fibres, not copper wire. These tools could  be used hundreds of times quicker than today’s  electronic computers and grip enormously more details. Today thread views are used to acquire an understandable picture of minor things than at any time before- though bacterial germs. An up to date age group of view objects appears that can give complete imaging of the internal function of cells. It is the gush in fibre view use and in fluid lucid exhibits that has set the  U.S. glass firm (a 16 billion dollar profession hire some 150,000 employees) to structure new plants to touch requests.

C. But the glass has opened up its skyline in both technologies and commerce. The utilisation of glass as skill,an oral history revolving back at the minimum to Roman periods, is also flourishing. Almost all over it looks, men and women are puff glass and generate tasks of skill.  << i didn’t vend a bit of glass up to 1975,>> Dale Chihuly has said that beam, for in the 18 years from the end of the parched spell, he has become one of the the bulk monetarily successful creators of the 20th century. At present he has a new task- a glass carve for the mission control building of a pizza firm- for which his payment is half a million dollars. 

D. But the glass technology that connects our lives is not modernistic. Examine that simple light bulb; at the go round to the century the mass light bulbs were hand puff, and the fetch of one was similar to half a day’s reward for the median worker. As a result, the creation of the ribbon machine by corning in the 1920s set fire to a nation. The cost of a bulb dive. Small admiration that the tool  has been called one of the big automatic attainments of all time. So far it is very effortless: a small ribbon of fluid glass moves over an in motion belt of steel in which there are holes. The  glass sank between the holes and into a hold back shape. Puffs of flatten air then module the glass. In this way the wrapper of a light bulb is constructed by an isolated tool at the rate of 66,000 an hour as juxtaposed to 1,200 a day manufactured by a group of four glassblowers. 

E. The glass’s adaptability secret lies in the depths anatomy, despite the fact it is stiff,and thus it is like a tight, the molecules are set out in an arbitrarily messy trend, a feature of a liquid. In the liquefy action, the atoms in the primal materials are given out from their actual  position in the atomic  structure; prior to that they can find their way tail end to clear  positioning the glass cools. This floppiness in an atomic form gives the stuff what engineers call huge “formability”which permits artisans to convert glass to whatever they require.F. Scientists of today are doing their experiments with new glass mixtures and building designers are testing their creativity with the appeal of particular types of glass.  Mike Davies an London architect, sees even more considerable building using atomic chemistry. Also he said “Glass is the biggest building substance of the time ahead, the <<energetic skin>>,’. “ Believe in glass that has been healed to behave to electric current that passess through it, glass that will swap from transparent to non transparent at the shove of a button, that gives you an immediate screen. Think of how the big buildings in New York could carry out a coordination of colour as the glass in them is made to alter colour immediately.” Glass as on the spot curtains is obtainable now, but the cost is extreme. As for the glass swapping colour immediately, that may occur correctly. Mike Davies’s sight may be sure on the way to accomplishment.

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Glass capturing the dance of the light IELTS reading questions

Questions 1- 5

Reading Passage has six paragraphs (A-F)
Choose the most suitable heading/or each paragraph from the list of headings below.
Write the appropriate numbers (i-x) in boxes 1-5 on your answer sheet.
NB There are more headings than paragraphs so you will not use all of them. You may use any heading more at once. 

List of Headings

i. Growth in the market for glass crafts
ii. Computers and their dependence on glass
iii. What makes glass so adaptable
iv. Historical development of glass
v.  Scientists’ dreams cost millions
vi. Architectural experiments with glass
vii. Glass art galleries flourish
viii. Exciting innovations in fibre optics
ix. A former glass technology
x. Everyday uses of glass
 1   Paragraph    B
2   Paragraph    C
3   Paragraph    D
4   Paragraph    E
5   Paragraph    F

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Questions 6-8

The diagram below shows the principle of Coming’s ribbon machine.
Label the diagram by selecting NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the Reading Passage to fill each numbered space.
Write your answers in boxes 6-8 on your answer sheet.

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Questions 9-13

Look at the list below of the uses of glass.
According to the passage, state whether these uses exist today, will exist in the future or are not mentioned by the writer.

In boxes 9-13 write 
A if the uses exist today
B if the uses will exist in the future
C if the uses are not mentioned by the writer
 9     dental fittings
10    optical computers
11    sculptures
12    fashions
13    curtains

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Glass capturing the dance of the light reading answers

6.melton glass
7.moving belt
9. If the uses exit today
10. If the uses exit in the future 
11. If the uses exit today
12. Not mentioned
13. If the uses exit today


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