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  • IELTS Reading True/False/Not Given

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IELTS Reading Passage Having a Lovely Time?

Having a Lovely Time?

Having a Lovely Time

Questions 1-8

In boxes 1-8 on your answer sheet write

TRUE if the statement is true
FALSE if the statement is false
NOT GIVEN if the information is not given in the passage

1Solving problems can be hard work for the holidaymaker.
2The most common problem for holidaymakers is the crowded airports.
3Overall, holiday accommodation poses a few problems.
4Tour companies provide a satisfactory level of information to holidaymakers.
5A low-cost holiday should still offer some high-quality services.
6Hotel staff can advise you on who you should complain to.
7Photographs may help to support an argument about a holiday problem.
8If you are not good at writing letters, find someone to help you.

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Hiring a Car Online

hire (1)
hire 1

Questions 9-14

Match the car-hire websites to the statements 9-14. Write the appropriate letters (A-H) in boxes 9-14 on your answer sheet. NB Some of the -websites may be chosen more than once.

Example Answer

The company assures customers that their car hire is the cheapest. D

9It is possible to see what the cars look like.
10Assistance is provided with some holiday routes.
11You will get cheaper car hire if you have used the company before.
12Attempts made by the writer to book a car were unsuccessful.
13You can only hire a car in certain locations.
14The site is suited to people with up-to-date hardware.

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1Answer: True
2Answer: False
3Answer: False
4Answer: True
5Answer: True
6Answer: Not Given
7Answer: True
8Answer: Not Given
9Answer: E
10Answer: B
11Answer: D
12Answer: E
13Answer: C
14Answer: H


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