Health is Wealth Reading Questions and Answers

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IELTS Reading Passage Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth

Placed as a proverb, “health is wealth” has been a successful life motto now. Health refers to the biological well being of an individual whereas wealth is the economic perspective of one’s stance. Wealth has been the sum of the property in various forms of an individual placed together and health has been a factor working all day to earn a living or gather the sum. Health is wealth refers to the phrase that the ultimate prosperity of an individual is one’s health.

An individual might not live a lavish life without wealth but one cannot live in the absence of good health. Ignorance of health to earn and have economic stability is like a mechanic neglecting the condition of his repairing tools. This means one has no assurance of how long he/she earns. So, health is wealth is a kind of awareness made to flourish the fact that wealth is of no use in the absence of good health.

Further, health is an investment made that rewards our life with an extra life span. The wealth might get standard life within the framed years but the efforts made to maintain good health with the mere absence of diseases would award us with more opportunities to expand our property and intellectual ability as well. Thus, health is a state of having an absence of disease and a well functioning human system which gives us a better life more than the ability of one’s property.

Also, a sound health condition maintains a healthy economy. In the absence of a healthy body, one’s economy can degrade gradually as health covers physical ability and intellectual capacities too. Good health prevents the anti-social habits or bad traits of an individual that consequently contributes to earning good to achieve a level of satisfaction in life. Thus, a healthy mind exists in a healthy body for which health deserves the first place. 

As a whole, saving is an earning too which means sound health in itself is an achievement. Health has to be one’s priority because nothing can be the secure one has with good health. A bag filled with cash cannot buy more happiness but a healthy body can open doors for a lot of hidden opportunities. Having said the other famous proverb, prevention is better than cure, health must be given required care and maintenance to boost one’s mechanism in earning and adding on the list of wealth.


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