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IELTS Reading PassageIndustrial Business Solutions & Home Business

Industrial Business Solutions & Home Business

A.  We at Industrial Business Solutions (IBS) value you as a member of our team.  We understand that our future success can only be achieved if you are also able to achieve your goals and objectives within your area of employment.

B.  At IBS, our business is growing.  As one of the world’s largest and leading organisations in the area of telecommunications, we take pride in both the reliability of our products and the level of customer support we offer.  Both of these key areas cannot be successfully negotiated without a quality team.

C.  IBS is dedicated to the on-going training and development of the team to ensure a quality focus across all departments.

D.  At our Leading in Times of Change workshop, participants will engage in a number of personal development activities.  Central to this session will be the personal mission statement.  Participants will be able to explore relationships both personal and within the business context to define what matters most to them.  This has proven to be one of our most popular workshops.

E.  Additional workshops across a variety of topics are covered.  Previous participants have commented that the sessions were both informative and beneficial.  One manager reported a 25% improvement in production.  Such feedback has been very satisfying.

F.   We continue our tradition of staff development programs.  As a member of our company, you will be required to attend 3 sessions over the course of the year.  We offer over 20 courses on a variety of topics all aimed at improving personal awareness within the workplace and beyond.  It is our conviction that an engaged employee is a happy employee.

G.  Registration can be done through the staff website.  You are required to select relevant workshops in consultation with your supervisor.  This ensures that there is no confusion in relation to time off for the workshops.  Click on the ‘workshops’ link and from the list of options available, click on the topics you have selected.  You will need to supply your date of birth, IBS identification number and department name.   

H.  While we are pleased for you to participate with members of your department, we also encourage inter-department involvement.  Since no particular area stands alone, it is useful for participants to become familiar with those in other areas across IBS.

I.   Professional development does not need to be limited to in-house workshops.  For those wanting to expand their knowledge and skills in areas related to their area of expertise, we are prepared to offer partial scholarships to select universities.  Requests should be sent to the Personnel Manager in the first instance.

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Question 15

Choose the correct letter A-E.

What would be the most suitable title for the passage?

A. Becoming an IBS staff member
B. Staff training at IBS      
C. Registering on the IBS staff website
D. IBS staff procedures
E. Common questions staff ask about IBS

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Questions 16 – 20

The text has six sections, A-I. Which section contains the following information?

Write your answers A-I in boxes 16-20 on your answer sheet. NB  You may use any letter more than once.

16.  Remarks from past attendees.
17.  Involvement from a staff administrator is needed.
18.  Support available for further training at other intuitions.
19.  The commitment of IBS to its staff.
20.  The requirement to provide personal information.

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HOME BUSINESS: Points to Consider

Home businesses have seen exceptional growth over the past decade with approximately 150 million people in the United States running a home-based business.  There are two important points to making a profit which are valid no matter what product or service you are planning to promote.  Having the idea is just the start.  The focus must be on whether there is a market for your product.  The main consideration should not just be whether you like what you are planning to sell, but whether other people will like it and want to spend money on it.Do your research.  A trip to the library and a couple of evenings online will assist you in beginning to understand your market.  Your goal should be to get a general sense of the type of customer your product or service will attract.Business registration is a requirement and involves several areas.  A legitimate structure must be determined and the most popular options are sole proprietor, a partnership, or a company. 

City Business Assistance can help with information about sole proprietorships and partnerships.  Individuals needing help with registering a corporation should Legal Structures Corp.  Deciding upon your business name and getting your federal tax identification are also a part of the business registration process.Obtaining reliable financial advice is another important consideration.  Small Business Administration (SBA) is a United States government agency providing financial support for small businesses.  Locate a reliable mid-range accounting firm that will help you structure the financial side of your business and provide you with the taxation advice you may need.Insurance must be a part of your planning. 

Consultation with an insurance agent is highly recommended.  Contact Able Insurance for insurance matters under $1 million and Constar for all other amounts.Equipment and inventory are important considerations as well.  What equipment will be needed to provide the service or product you intend to offer?  How much stock will you need and do you have the room for it?  These questions must be carefully considered and answered.Many home businesses are online.  If this is your plan, you will need to purchase a domain name and locate an Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Costing varies mostly according to data downloaded.  Connection speed can also affect the internet cost.     For additional assistance on any of the above matters, please contact the county extension office nearest you or the National Directorate for state enquiries.

Questions 21-27

21.  What is the first listed key for a home business profit?
22.  Which area of home business planning includes federal tax identification?
23.  Who can be contacted for advice about the legal structure of an independently run business?
24.  Who can provide help with getting money for a home business?
25.  Which company provides insurance assistance up to $1 million?
26.  What is the main cost associated with internet services?
27.  Who can be contacted for extra local small business help?

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15. B
16. E
17. G
18. I
19. C
20. G
21. having the idea
22. Business registration
23. City Business Assistance
24. Small Business Administration OR SBA
25. Able Insurance
26. data downloaded
27. county extension office


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