Interesting story you heard when you were a child: IELTS Speaking Part 2 / IELTS Cue Answer

Describe an interesting story you heard when you were a child.

You should say:

  • who told you the story
  • what was the story
  • why you think it was an interesting story

and explain why you still remember this story.

Sample Response:

When I was a child, my grandmother was the designated storyteller of our family. Every weekend when we visited her, she’d regale us with tales from her childhood, stories of mythical creatures, or folktales passed down from generation to generation. One such story that has stayed with me is the legend of the “Moon Rabbit.”

According to the story my grandmother told, many eons ago, there was a rabbit, a monkey, a fox, and an otter. All these animals were friends and lived harmoniously. One day, an old, destitute man visited their forest, seeking food. Each of these animals decided to help him. While the otter caught fish, the monkey fetched fruits, and the fox stole some milk, the rabbit, having nothing to offer, threw itself into the fire so that the old man could have some meat to eat. However, the old man revealed himself as a deity and, touched by the rabbit’s noble sacrifice, decided to immortalize him by placing him on the moon.

This tale was fascinating to me as a child because it had elements of magic, suspense, and a moral lesson. It taught about selflessness, sacrifice, and the idea that noble deeds don’t go unnoticed. The twist with the deity in disguise made it all the more captivating.

I believe the reason I remember this story so vividly is the way my grandmother told it. Her animated expressions, the emphasis on certain parts, and the dramatic pauses she incorporated made the narrative come alive. Additionally, whenever there was a full moon, she would point to it, and I’d strain my eyes to find the silhouette of that brave rabbit. The story became not just a lesson but also a personal memory interwoven with my childhood and the times I spent with my grandmother.

Recommended Vocabulary:

  1. Regale: To entertain or amuse with talk or storytelling.
  • Example: The sailors regaled us with tales of their travels.
  1. Mythical: Pertaining to, of the nature of, or involving a myth.
  • Example: Dragons are mythical creatures.
  1. Destitute: Without the basic necessities of life.
  • Example: The charity aims to help destitute children.
  1. Harmoniously: In a manner that forms a pleasing or consistent whole.
  • Example: The team worked harmoniously to achieve their goal.
  1. Immortalize: Preserve the memory of; make famous.
  • Example: The battle was immortalized in a famous poem.
  1. Fascinating: Extremely interesting.
  • Example: The museum had several fascinating exhibits.
  1. Vividly: In a manner that is strong, clear, or realistic.
  • Example: I can vividly remember the smell of grandma’s cookies.
  1. Silhouette: The dark shape and outline of someone or something visible in restricted light against a brighter background.
  • Example: The silhouette of the mountains against the setting sun was breathtaking.
  1. Narrative: A spoken or written account of connected events; a story.
  • Example: The narrative of the novel is set in a post-apocalyptic world.
  1. Interwoven: Blend closely by or as if by intertwining.
  • Example: The two tales are cleverly interwoven.
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