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IELTS Reading Passage – Keeping Cut Flowers

Keeping Cut Flowers

Although everyone adores having fresh-cut flowers in their homes, few individuals know how to preserve them for as long as possible. This may be performed by memorising a few basic facts.

Cut flowers are sensitive to temperature, and it’s a significant consideration to remember. Studies have shown, for instance, that cut carnations keep their freshness 8 times longer at 12°C than at 26°C. And the most crucial component of flower maintenance is maintaining the proper temperature for freshly cut flowers.

Flowers are not supposed to exist for very long by nature. Their natural purpose is simply to attract pollinating birds or insects, such as bees. They die shortly afterwards. This process, known as respiration, involves the consumption of oxygen, the emission of carbon dioxide, and the production of the energy the flower needs to maintain its shape and colour. This energy is also required for the production of seeds. Even though all living things respire, flower respiration is especially high. Because of the heating, respiration occurred, and for flowers, incredibly high heat levels compared to the flower’s mass. Respiration ultimately results in the flower’s destruction, hence the higher the degree of respiration, the sooner the flower dies.

How, therefore, can the death rate of flowers be slowed? By controlling respiration function. How can respiration be controlled? By regulating the temperature. We all are aware about the fact that respiration produces heat, but the reverse is also true. Therefore, by maintaining low temperatures, respiration is reduced, and the cut flower ages more slowly. (The exception to this rule is tropical flowers, which prefer higher temperatures.)

Cooler temperatures provide the additional advantage of retaining the flower’s water content, which helps to slow down the ageing process. Humidity introduces us to another crucial part of cut flower care. The typical air-conditioned room has a relative humidity of 65%, which causes the bloom to lose more water. If humidity levels are high, it is less likely that flowers would dry up, but unless you dwell in the tropics or subtropics, this may not be possible.

The quality of the water in which cut flowers are put is another major element of their care. Polluted or otherwise tainted water is difficult for flowers to “drink.” Water certainly contains bacteria and fungi which is endanger for flowers, even when it looks and smells clean. To remove these undesirable organisms from the water, a tiny amount of home chlorine bleach may be utilised. It is advised that 15 drops of chlorine bleach (4 percent solution) be applied to every litre of water. Daily refilling of the water and solution is also mandatory.

Look for cut flowers that are not kept in direct sunlight or strong wind by the flower shop while purchasing them. If the flowers are not recently harvested, inquire as to whether they were preserved in a cool place. 

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Keeping Cut Flowers IELTS Reading Questions

Questions 1-4

Answer the following questions. Use NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS, and write answers in your answer sheet.

  1. The author highlights two components of nature that florists should remove from flowers. Identify one of these.
  2. What product does the author recommend using to preserve cut flowers?
  3. According to the author of ‘Keeping Cut Flowers,’ flower care is determined by three primary elements. Temperature is one of them. What are the remaining two?
  4. What temperature is best to preserve the cut flowers?

Questions 5-8

Complete the flowchart below. Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.


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Questions 9-13

Complete the sentences below. Use NO MORE THAN ONE WORD or NUMBER for each blank.

 9.  A difference of 14°C can extend the life of carnations by up to _____ times. 10. This process, named ________, requires oxygen intake.     
Respiration is also necessary for the flowers to produce ______ 12.  _____ and _____ are two aspects of a flower’s appearance that depend on respiration. 13. The average room with air conditioning has a relative humidity of ________.

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Keeping cut flowers reading answers

1. direct sunlight or strong wind
2. chlorine bleach
3. Humidity, water quality
4. cool place 
5. maintaining low temperature 
6. water content 
7. ages (more) slowly 
8. tropical (h6)
9. 8 
10. respiration (h6)
11. seeds 
12. shape and colour 
13. 65% 


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