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IELTS Reading PassageKenton Computers

Kenton Computers

A Kenton’s biggest stockist of computers and accessories 

Kenton Computers is the area’s most prestigious outlet for buying a new computer. We sell all types of desktop and laptop computers for individual and company requirements. We also offer a complete set-up service to ensure that your purchase is used to its optimum potential.

We are also the area’s specialist for gamers. Whether you’re just starting out or have been gaming for years, we’ll have a gaming PC and game selection to suit your level and budget.

Sale on now — 25% off all sales of new computers

B Kenton Computer Repair Service

Come to us for all your computer repair needs.

20 years’ experience; no fix, no fee


Upgrades and updates


2nd hand sales

Virus removal

Desktops, laptops, PCs, Macs

38 Railway Road, Kenton Tel 08462 859 823

C Magna Computer Training Services

Here at Magna, we have 15 years of experience teaching people how to use computers. This can range from teaching people to use a computer for the first time to programming courses that can lead to a professional qualification and a job. Check our online brochure for details of all our courses and fees.

D Situation Vacant

Well-known high street insurance company requires a top performing computer programmer and technician to oversee upgrades to various branches around the country. Travel conditions, pay and other benefits will be outstanding for the right candidate. Experience and references are essential. Call David Johnson on 07770 692132 for details.

E Internet Supermarket

Want to get online or get a better connection?

Is your home Wi-Fi up to the job?

We’ll show you how to beat slow connections with a new AC router and how your home’s plug sockets can boost your signal with our Powerage technology.

We can offer you contracts with all the largest Internet providers. Drop in and tell us your requirements and we will fix you up with the best contract for your situation.2

49 Longford Street, Kenton Tel: 08462 589472

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 Questions 1-7

There are 5 advertisements A – E on the next page.

Answer the questions below by writing the letters of the appropriate advertisements in boxes 1-7 on your answer sheet.

1 Which advertisement says people can buy a used computer?
2 Which advertisement says that there are special offers available?
3 Which advertisement offers training on computer programming?
4 Which advertisement is for hiring someone?
5 Which advertisement offers a service to improve Internet speed?
6 Which advertisement has a service to install a computer?
7 Which advertisement says that further details are available online?

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1 Answer: B
2 Answer: A
3 Answer: C
4 Answer: D
5 Answer: E
6 Answer: A
7 Answer: C


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