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IELTS Reading Passage: Locked doors open access

 Locked doors open access

A. There are both pros and cons implications for the word “ Security”. Majority of the people are of the notion that we long for security because of all its positive psychological and physical qualities, including its evocation of the security of home, of unwavering love, or of freedom from need. Detrimentally, the term now evokes images of the enormous industry that has emerged to safeguard people and their belongings from intrusion by “outsiders,” who are ostensibly malicious and intend to steal or cause intentional harm.

B. Due to the rising crime rate in urban areas, buildings like offices, schools, colleges, and hospitals no longer allow free access to employees and other users. The entry area, which used to be referred to as “Reception,” is maintained by security personnel. The receptionist’s job was to warmly welcome guests and direct them to the appropriate party they had come to see. However, in more recent times, this job has been given to those whose responsibility it is to deny entry to those who are uninvited, unwanted, or just plain unattractive.  

C. These buildings are divided into “Secured Zones,” many of which have all the bells and whistles of combination locks and burglar alarms. These obstructions prevent circulation, prevent entry for the uninitiated, and establish time and space restrictions for user access. Individual rooms are locked away within the spaces that these zones create, which poses a problem in particular when working space is compartmentalised.

D. Technological access has been developed to combat the resulting challenge of getting to people physically.  In order to send the messages back and forth, computers present at every desk are connected to other computers and to a large network of computers. In order to avoid reading texts as they are intended for other individuals security is important. Therefore, passwords were created in order to secure such information. In this day and age, not only the correspondence but also the moves are kept private. In order to browse catalogues one can do it from their desks itself. At a press of a button one can simply deliver or receive documents.

E. However, it seems that businesses have noticed “team-work” affirmations as people have become more isolated at work, perhaps to encourage employees to socialise. Many inquiries have been made regarding whether communication has revealed how teams of groups function. Additionally, how can they cooperate if email provides a convenient electronic veil behind which the less scrupulous can exploit the blurring of public and private?if password-protected voice mail messages are available? How can I leave a message for my coworker on his desk if his office door is locked?

F. The lack of “job security,” another type of security, is concealed by teamwork. Nowadays, businesses are aware that there are three different kinds of physical resources: those they buy, those they lease long-term, and those they rent momentarily. Long-term contracts are offered to some employees, short-term contracts to others, and temporary employment is the only option for others.

G. The direct line is a feature of telecommunications systems that allows us to reach people without having to first speak to someone else. People can communicate without ever speaking to one another thanks to voicemail and answer phones. If we are unlucky enough to get in touch with a business that uses a sophisticated touch-tone dialling system, we can make purchases and make payments without ever speaking to a live person.

H. With the Internet, which widens communication channels beyond what anyone could possibly want or need, we can combat this tendency to close in on ourselves. The term “Home Page” refers to a person’s online identity, and it conjures up images of a secure electronic home. This incredibly 2-dimensional medium of “web sites” is distinguished by a complex system of 3-dimensional graphics. The nomenclature itself gives the impression that the “site” is travelling toward the person using the computer, when in reality it is coming to him. Now that location is no longer geographical, “addresses” of one kind or another move to the individual rather than the individual moving between them.

I. The cell phone is one illustration of this. I am now accessible wherever I take my mobile phone, not just at home or at work. We still feel a sense of security when we want to “locate” the person on the other end, though. It is not a coincidence that almost everyone we observe using their mobile phone in public, either to initiate or answer calls, starts by identifying their location.

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Locked doors open access Reading Questions

Questions     1-6

Complete the text below, which Is a summary of paragraphs D-F. Choose your answers from the Word List below and write them in Boxes 1-6 on your answer sheet.

There are more words and phrases than spaces, so you will not be able to use them all. You may use any word or phrase more than once.

Example: The problem of__________ access to buildings. Answer: physical.

The problem of physical access to buildings has now been 1._______by technology. Messages are sent between_______ 2._____, with passwords preventing_______ 3. from reading the messages of others. However, individuals are becoming increasingly________ 4. socially by the way they do their jobs, more value is being placed on___ 5.____, e-mail and voice-mail have led to a___________ 6. opportunities for person-to-person communication.

reducing ofdecrease inteam-worksimilar
no different fromsolvedovercamephysical
other peoplecut-offisolating 

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Questions     7-9

Complete the sentences below. Use NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.

Write your answers in Boxes 7-9 on your answer sheet.

7. The author dislikes_________.
8. The home page of an individual denotes their_________ on the Internet.
9. Gadgets such as cell phones mean that location is___________.

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Questions     10-13

Choose the appropriate letters A-D and write them in Boxes 10-13 on your answer sheet

10.The author claims that one thing we yearn for is 

A. Home safety            
B. security            
C. open access            
D. positive virtues

11.Access to a lot of buildings             

A. is unauthorised             
B. is becoming more difficult             
C. is a cause of crime in many urban arcus             
D. used to be called “Reception”

12.Buildings that are open to all users            

A. but now they do not            
B. and still do now            
C. especially offices and schools            
D. especially in urban areas

13. Safe zones            

A. don’t allow access to the user            
B. compartmentalise the user            
C. are often like traps            
D. are not accessible to everybody

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Locked doors open access Reading answers

1. Solved
2. Other people
3. Cut-off
4. Team Work
5. Decrease in
6. Team work
7. Touch tone dialling system
8. Electronic presence
9. No longer geographical
10. B
11. B
12. A
13. D


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