The Dams That Changed Australia Reading Questions and Answers

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  • IELTS Reading matching Headings
  • IELTS Reading table completion 
  • IELTS Reading sentence completion

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IELTS reading passage- The Dams That Changed Australia

The Dams That Changed Australia

Section A

The Snowy Mountains Scheme was created and established because interior Australia has been plagued by a dry spell from the time of its first colonization in 1778 till now. Before the Snowy Scheme, a considerable percentage of the snowfields on Australia’s highest mountains (the Snowy Mountains) melted into the Snowy River. As a result, rather than flowing into the country’s arid areas, where residents desperately need it, snowy water flows directly into the sea. In 1840, the Polish geologist and explorer, Strezlecki, realized this and addressed how the country could not grow without an appropriate and sufficient supply of water. Agriculture fertilization would have to be redirected from its current path in order for agriculture to grow.

Prior to the Federation in 1901, Australia was a collection of colonies, each of which was concerned with safeguarding its own interests. Following the union, all states held their water rights, determining which way the river would flow. The Deadlocked Premiers’ Conference was formed in 1947 as a result of disagreements between New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia. Despite the ensuing debate, the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Power Act was passed by the Federal Parliament barely two years later, on July 7. The project got underway on October 17, shortly after the bill was enacted.

The major goal of the program’s concept was to deal with water for energy and divert it back to the dry irrigation regions in the country’s interior. Mountains had to be dug across hundreds of kilometers to make tunnels, and in nineteen years, sixteen spectacular dams and seven hydroelectric power plants were built. The Guthega power plant, for example, was permitted in 1954, and the latest completed one was Tumut III.

Section B.

The major goal of the snowy water programme was to permanently alter Australia’s situation. The key difference in this programme was the inclusion of people from other nations. When the world was still reeling from the tragedy of World War II (1939–1945), the Australian government needed a large number of people to labor in the Snowy Mountains. The government recruited labor from other countries, and between 60,000 and 100,000 people worked on this project from other countries.

Workers on the project came from Italy, Yugoslavia, and Germany, as well as from megacities like Budapest, Paris, and Vienna, as well as from tiny villages. These European laborers were living in a country that was at a defining period in the globe that was radically different from their own, which battled with one another throughout the war and had unique cultures. They arrived in an area that provided both great difficulties and a primitive lifestyle because they were brave young guys. Some individuals were fortunate enough to be put in camps, but many others lived in tents in the early days of the project. There was no luxury to living there, and there was also no female population. In addition, the food given was inadequate.

Section C

Many workers were advised to take English lessons after work hours since they could not speak English effectively. When the situation became untenable, they created sign language as a vital means of communication with one another. At that time, the signals for labor were unusual. A thumb near the lips, for example, suggested water but did not specify whether the water was required for the drill the guy was using or for a drink.

As a result, only a small number of women worked on the project and those that were hired mainly worked from home. As a result, the references used in the snowy area were precise. Members of the rural women’s group taught English courses throughout the neighborhood. The Australian Broadcasting Commission provided regular broadcasts to aid new learners and other English instruction.

Section D

There were many fewer serious societal issues than was previously thought possible. Workers performed double shifts and put in long hours in order to settle down in Australia or return home with a fair amount of money. After recalling the difficulty they had gone through in the past during the reunion in 1999, most of the workers became prudent as a result of their joy. Working on the project not only delighted the employees but also their spouses and mothers, indicating that they had experienced many aspects of the concept.

The children of these couples were educated in Happy Jack, a town noted for having a large number of schools in Australia and a high birth rate in comparison to other cities in Australia. At one point in Happy Jack, thirty infants were born to eighty households. Older children attended school in Cooma, the next big town.

Section E

It was unclear if the project would be continued. The cost of constructing power plants under the earth’s crust would now be too expensive, and our present ecological predicament would need a new approach to river treatment. Many hydroelectricity plans, such as the Tennessee Valley Authority, outperformed the Snowy Mountain system, which was followed by others. The Snowy Mountain Scheme is also the only hydroelectric project in the world that is entirely funded by the sale of energy.

The project is not only a pillar for individuals from all over the globe who have dared to return to their former way of life, but it is also a magnificent technical marvel. Some are working and living in Australia, while others have retired there and returned to their home countries. Everyone has done their best in a constantly evolving Australian society.

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The Dams That Changed Australia IELTS reading questions

Questions 1-5

Reading Passage 1 contains five sections.

Choose the correct heading for Sections One to Five from I to X in the headings below.

Write the correct number, i-x, in boxes 1–5 on your answer sheet.

  1. section A
  2. section B
  3. section C
  4. section D
  5. Section E

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Complete the table below.

Choose ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER from Reading Passage 1 for each answer. Write your answers in boxes 6-10 on your answer sheet.

1788White settlement begins
1840Recognize that the 6______ would be impossible to grow without irrigation
1947The states disagree on the future of the rivers, leading to a 7_______ Premiers’ Conference.
8.________The Snowy Mountains Scheme is presently recruiting 9________ individuals from throughout the world.
1954Work on Guthega Power Station begins
10.________Tumut III Power Station completed

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IELTS reading complete the sentences question type

Complete the sentences.

Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.

Write your answers in boxes 11–13 on your answer sheet.

Because of the situation, the workers needed to communicate by utilizing  
11._______. At their reunion, the employees reminisced about the
12._________ they had to deal with in the beginning. The Snowy Mountains Scheme was seen as a
13.___________ that had a lasting impact on Australian society.

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The Dams That Changed Australia IELTS Reading answers

1. Vii.
2. ix.
3. viii.
4. ii.
5. v.
6. nation.
7. deadlocked.
9. 60000
10. 1973 
11. Sign language
12. struggle
13. engineering accomplishment


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