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IELTS Reading Passage: The dollar a year man

The dollar a year man 

A.  In the early 1930s, ethnologist, podium lecture,  university instructor and former banker John Avery Lomax was making a try to recapture an impression path for his life. For a long period he had been fond of nationwide regards for his advanced work in collecting and reading American people songs; no less a notice than President Theodore Roosevelt had applauded his work, and had written a letter of bear for he pursued promises for his investigation. He had normally dreamed of finding a way of creating a living by doing the factore he adored best, gathering people’s songs, however he used to be now assigning to awe if he would ever understand that dream.

B. Lomax preferred to commence on a countrywide gathering project, ensuing as many as four capacities, and ‘ complete the reconstruction of the American folk-song’. Finally this was altered to where he visualized a single book hesitantly called American Ballads and Folk songs, designed to survey the entire field. It called for primary field gathering, and would particularly focus on the abandoned area of black folk music.

C. In 1932, Lomax traveled to New York, and stopped in to see a man named H.S Latham of the Macmillan Company. He casually silhouette his plan to Latham, and read him the book of an earthy African American blues ballad called ‘Ida Red’. Latham was impressed, and 2 days later Lomax had an agreement, a small examine to bind it,  and an accord to deliver the document about one year later. The spring of 1932 began to look more green, lush and full of promise.D. Lomax at once set to toil. He trekked to libraries at Harvard, the library of conference, Brown University and hence in order to travel over undistributed song groups and to canvas the folk song texts issued over the past a decade. During his stay in Washington,

D.CLomax became friendly with Carl Engel, Music conflict leader of the Library of Congress. Engel sensed that Lomax had the mandatory basis and energy to one day forthright the Archive of Folk song. Via collections issued by the Council of Learned Societies and the Library of Congress, Lomax instructed a state-of-the-art moveable documentation machine. More importantly, the Library of Congress agreed to furnish clean records and to lend their identity to his collecting; Lomax absolutely had to agree to deposit the carried out archives at the Library of Congress. He did so barring     hesitation.On July 15, 1933, Lomax was scheduled an ‘honorary consultant’ for a dollar a year-

E.Jointly with his 18 year old son Alan, he started a sizable adventure to gather songs for American Ballads and Folk songs, a task that was to last for a long time. Lomax’s library investigation had strengthened his belief that a lack of black folk song matter lived in printed groups. This fact, together with his too soon valuing of African American folk culture led Lomax to choose that black folk music from the backcountry should be the main focus. This bold resolution resulted in the first crucial trip in the United States to catch black folk music in the field. In order to attain their search, the 2 men were strenuous on sections of the South with a high proportion of blacks. They also identify struggling camps, especially lurch  camps, which worked blacks almost solely. But as they went along, jail and brig also appeared as a focal point for investigation.

F. The recordings made by the Lomaxes were memorable. The whole idea of using a stereo to conserve genuine folk music was still fairly new. Most of John Lomax’s squints were involved in gathering-songs the classic way: taking both words and melody down by hand, asking the singer to execute the song over and over till the connoisseur had ‘caught’ it on paper. John Lomax understood the limitation of this kind of method, particularly when getting songs from African-American singers, whose quarter tones, blue notes and compound timing frequently thwart white musicians trying to decipher them with European notation systems. 

G. The entire idea of field recording was,in 1933 and still is today, positively various from the famous notion of recording. Field documentation are not deliberate as trade products, but as tries at cultural conservation. There is no profit seeking, nor any wish to make the vocalist a ‘star’. As have hundreds of folk songs connoisseur after him, John Lomax had to prevail on his signers to execute, to describe to them why their songs were important, and to persuade the different jurisdiction- the keeper, the trustees,the official- that this was important, valuable work. He faced the virtuous issues of how to protect the records and the fairness of the singers- an issue he solved in this example by contributing the discs to the Library of Congress. He had to prevail over the technical issues associated with recording outside a studio; one consistently hoped for quiet, with no doors bang and fear going off , but it was consistently a risk. His new state-of-the-art recording machine sported a new mic designed by NBC, but there were no gale perplexes to help reduce the sound when recording outside. Lomax learned how to create sound, where to place mic, how to toil echoes and walls, and soon was a skilled recordist.

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IELTS Reading Questions: the dollar a year man

Questions 1-5

  • Complete the summary below.
  • Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.
  • Write your answers in boxes 1-5 on your answer sheet.


Lomax began the research for this project by looking at 1_________ that were not available in book form, as well as at certain books. While he was doing this research, he met someone who ran a department at the 2_______  in Washington. As a result of this contact, he was provided with the very latest kind or 3___________ for his project. Lomax believed that the places he should concentrate on were 4____________  in the South of the US. While he and his son were on their trip, they added 5__________ as places where they could find what they were looking for.

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Questions 6-10

  • Reading Passage 1 has seven sections labeled A-G.
  • Which section contains the following information?
  • Write the correct letter A-G in boxes 6-10 on your answer sheet. 
  • NB: You may use any letter more than once.

6     a reference to the speed with which Lomax responded to a demand
7     a reason why Lomax doubted the effectiveness of a certain approach
8     reasons why Lomax was considered suitable for a particular official post
9     a reference to a change of plan on Lomax’s part 
10   a reference to one of Lomax’s theories being confirmed

Questions 11-13

  • Choose THREE lecters A-F.
  • Write your answers in boxes 11-13 on your answer sheet.
  • Which THREE of the following difficulties for Lomax are mentioned by the writer of the text?

A  finding a publisher for his research
B  deciding exactly what kind of music to collect 
C  the skepticism of others concerning his methods 
D  the reluctance of people to participate in his project 
E  making sure that participants in his project were nor exploited 
F  factors resulting from his choice of locations for recording

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5. prisons and penitentiaries(jail and brig)
11.D/E/F (in any order)
12.D/E/F (in any order)
13.D/E/F (in any order)


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