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IELTS Reading Passage: The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican

The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican 

A Born in Kiskeam in his mother’s native North Cork, Hugh O’Flaherty was raised IN KIllarney, where his father was the purser of the local golf club. He was the eldest of 4 children,and from an early age, appeared to have a vocation for the cardinalate. His affection for the church was formed in part during his schooling, which began at Presentation Brothers’ school in a local monastery in his hometown. He later attended Waterford College, but the cardinalate was always going to be his calling, so he applied to Mungret College in Limerick and was accepted into the academy there. He was posted to Rome as a young educatee in 1922, the year in which Mussolini came to authority. While studying in Rome, he earned a degree in philosophy and was ordained in 1925 before going on to study there for a further two years, earning his phD in divinity, canon law and theology. 

B O’Flaherty posted at different times over the next few years in Egypt, Haiti, San Domingo and Czechoslovakia, also Palestine, soon proved himself a very able ambassador. His golfing skills were also noted, and he enlarged a number of high-profile connections in Italy through the world of golf, frequently playing with the likes of ex-king Alfonso of Spain, also Mussolini’s son-in-law, count Ciana. These people were no doubt impressed by the golfing talent of the man, which were, considering he had been playing since an untimely childhood and was natural, by them rather impressive, to say the least. O’Flaherty would come to depend on his high profile, also his ‘high’ connections in the upcoming years as war erupted in Europe and Italy lined up itself with Hitler’s Germany and its policy of discerning against minority crews. His connections would give him the power and influence to make a variation to the lives of 1000s of innocent people when the time came, whilst his high profile made the German and Italian power slow to move against him.

C In the autumn of 1942, the Germans  and Italians started to quell important figures they eyed as being hostile to their goals. As their policies became even more utmost, many people started to become frightened by fascist propaganda. The German and Italian governments were not interested in carrying out their policy of racial cleansing Italy of the so-called ‘unwanted’: Jews, blacks, gypsies and so on. O’Flaherty, conversely, having socialized with many important Jews throughout his time in Italy, did not cling to Nazi ideology and it was then that he started to act, shielding innocent Jews and other victims of injustice, and keeping them away from the talon of the Italian and German police, whose orders were to ship them to immersion camps. 

D  O’Flaherty used his old college and to be sure his own official home as hiding places for the people he was trying to save. As the situation got more and more despairing, and the numbers of people menace grew, he even turned to using cloister and converts as lair, calling in favors from old friends in these places who, by agreeing to house the ‘unwanted’, were not just hazarding a rebuke threatening  their own lives by being party to O’Flaherty campaign. In the summer of 1943, O’ Flaherty expanded his efforts to include helping escaped British prisoners-of-war and shot-down federated airmen. Calling once again on his contacts, he enlarged a network of penthouse  in which to house them until their safe return to Britain could be arranged. 

E By the end of the war, over 6,500 Jews and American and British warriors had  O’Flaherty to thank for their get away from the Germans and a nearly- certain death. His  achievement in never being recognized when on  uncertified redeem mission outside the Vatican city, and in poaching Jews and allied airmen inside the city led to him being given the sobriquet the Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican, an acceptance of how much the master of disguise. O’Flaherty continued to serve in Rome and got many honors, together with the US medal of freedom and the title Commanders of the British Empire. The chick Jewish state of Israel also acknowledged O’Flaherty’s part by announcing him virtuous among Nations. 

F In 1960, O’Flaherty formed and went home to Ireland to a town called Cahirciveen. There he lived for the rest of his life till he died on the 30 October 1963. His death was moan throughout the world and the reputable New York Times as a front-page accolade in his glory. 

G  Margaret Mead once said: ‘ Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has’,  O’Flaherty and his faithful crew of helpers within the Vatican and without are precisely the kind of people she was with regards to. In life, he saved 1000s of innocent Romans; in death, he is evoked as a man who courageously stood up to zealotry and who was not prepared to turn a blind eye to unfairness. 

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IELTS Reading Questions: the scarlet pimpernel of the vatican

Question 1-3

Choose the correct letter A, B, C or D.

1 O’Flaherty went to Rome

A voluntarily for personal reasons as he wanted to pursue his studies there.
B after completing his studies at Mungret college in Limerick and becoming a priest.
C at the same time as Mussolini went to study there.D on the instructions of the religious organization of which he was a part.

2 O’Flaherty golfing talents

A were exploited by himself as a means by which to meet and influence important people.
B were the product of his extremely hard work and tireless practice from a young age.
C went unnoticed until he was posted in Italy where they impressed a number of high-profile individuals.
D were exaggerated by friends and connections in order to win him favor with German and Italian authorities.

3 When it came to Nazi ideology, O’Flaherty’s beliefs

A were similar to those Jews, blacks and gypsies, who viewed the German interference in Italy as unwanted.
B were influenced by the conclusions he had drawn from socializing with certain groups of people in the past.
C were in keeping with the stated views of the German and Italian governments.
D were similarly hostile and extreme as he was influenced by fascist propaganda.

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Question 4-5

There are two correct answers. 

Choose two letters from A,B,C,D and E. 

Where did O’Flaherty conceal the people he had taken into his care?

A in the place at which he was then studying             
B in a former college that had been converted into a network of apartments             
C in the place where he officially lived at the time             
D in the residence of certain religious groups             
E in the houses of old friends of his 4 ……………..5 ……………..

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Question 6-8

Choose the correct letter A, B, C or D. 

6 What impressive aspects of the actions of O’Flaherty’s helpers does the writer 

A how reluctant they were to help him
B how many of them were willing to volunteer
C their disregard for the possible consequences if they were caught
D their ability to coordinate and work together

7 Why was O’Flaherty nicknamed the Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican?

A he resembled a Scarlet Pimpernel in the disguises he used to wear.
B he often disguised himself as a Vatican being identified.
C he had successfully used disguises to avoid being identified.
D he had earned a Master’s degree in the art of disguise.

8 What impression does the writer leave us with of our own personal feelings with respect to O’Flaherty’s life and achievements?

A he admires O’Flaherty’s bravery and determination to stop injustice.
B he admires O’Flaherty’s loyalty to the Vatican and his church.
C he feels that Margaret Mead was a superior speech-maker to O’Flaherty.
D he feels he didn’t get the recognition he deserves for his achievements.

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Question 9-13

Complete the summary below.

Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage for each answer. 

A moral, determined and resourceful man

O’Flaherty’s personal beliefs were at loggerheads with fascist ideology, which he saw as mindless propaganda, so he took it upon himself to combat the injustices being perpetrated against Jews and other minority groups at the hands of the German and Italian police, who, acting on orders from above, were rounding said groups up to be sent to 9 ………………..
Initially, O’Flaherty used familiar places as hideouts for the people he was trying to conceal. However, as the situation started to deteriorate, and more and more people were in need of assistance, he was forced to call upon old friends and contacts for help. In helping O’Flaherty, these friends showed their own bravery as getting 10 ………… might have cost them their lives.
Not only did O’Flaherty help the ‘unwanted’ he also extended his assistance to fallen 11 ………………as well as British soldiers who had been detained by the Germans. By the war’s end, the lives of 6,500 people had been spared thanks to O’Flaherty and his helpers.
So effective at 12 ……………… Jews and servicemen inside the city earned the nickname The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican. O’Flaherty received a huge number of 13………………….., from countries all around the world in acknowledgement of his war-time feats.

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The Scarlet Pimpernel of the Vatican Reading Answers

1. D
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. D
6. C
7. C
8. A
9. Concentration camps
10. Caught
11.  Allied airmen
12. Summliging
13. Accolades


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