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IELTS Reading Passage – What Is The Port City

What is the port city 

The port city supplies an engrossing and wealthy comprehension of the motion of people and wares around the world. We recognize a port as a mid of land-sea swap, and as a main origin of livelihood and a great strength for ethnic blend. But do ports all make a span of usual urban features which justify categorizing port cities jointly under a single common  label? Do they have sufficient in general to license differentiate them from other kinds of cities?A port must be eminent from a harbor.they are two very unrelated things. Most ports have poor harbors,and many fine harbors see hardly any ships. Harbor is a physical notion, a protection for ships; port is an moneymaking concept, a mid of land-sea interchange which needs excellent approach to backwater even more than a sea-connected foreland. It is a landward approach which is fertile of goods for export and which inquire for a port. Madras and Colombo are sample of harbor costly, enhanced by grow, clean and building breakwaters. Port cities become commercial, economic and help place and political funds because of their water links and the urban attentiveness which appear there and behind time draws to it roadways,railways and air routes. Water transport means are the cheap way in , the chief basis of all port cities. Many of the world’s largest cities, for illustration, New York, London, Istanbul, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Jakarta,Tokyo, Calcutta, San Francisco and Philadelphia began as ports- that is with land-sea swap as their vital function- but they have since grown inordinate in other esteem so that their port functions are no lengthy presiding. They endure a unlike variety of places from non-port cities and their port task description for that is dissimilar.

SeaPort functions are more than anything else, making a city multiracial. A port city is open to the world. In it lifestyle, relay and ideas,as well as good from all kinds of places,mingle, jostle and enhance each other and the life of the city. The scent of the sea and the harbor, the sound of boat  tootle or the going waves are signs of their numerous links with universal , examples of which are present in cosmos within their own urban areas. Ports have been converted by the arrival of a charged yacht, whose size and breath have enlarge.Many previously main ports have become frugal and physically less reachable as a result. Going round by the bulk of previous enhanced flow of interchange, they have become ethnic and economic small-towns or have obtained the personality of foundation of the past. Illustrations of these are Salem, Charleston, Plymouth, Bristol, Surat, Melaka, Galle, Soochow and a lengthy list of soon well known port cities in southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa.Much family port trade has been recorded. What proof we have advise that family trade was greater at all spans than outside trade. Shanghai, for illustration, did most of its  dealing with added Chinese seaports and non-coastal cities. Calcutta deals mostly with other parts of India and so on. Most of any city’s residents are occupied in giving goods and services for the city itself.  External marketing of the city is the fundamental  function. But each primary worker needs clothing, sheathing,food and other such favors. Approximate the ratio of fundamentals to service workers scale from 1:4 to 1:8.  

None of the city can be plainly a port but must be complicated in some other activities. The port  function of the city sucks up primal materials and dispenses them, in many other forms. Ports take superiority of the needs to crack up the mass materials where shipping and land transports meet and where lade and unlade costs can be reduced by clarifying basic material or turning them into final product. The great sample here are ore purifying  and oil purifying. Which are generally located at ports. It is not easy to draw a line all over what is and is not a seaport function. All ports hold, unpacked, kind, change, procedure, refill and reship most of what they get. A city may still be considered as a port city when it becomes complicated in a great scale of function not right now involved with ships or harbor. Cities which start as ports keep the main trade and management  mid of the city close to the coast. The middle of New York  is in lower Manhattan connecting two river mouths, the city of London is on the Shanghai, Thames along the Bund. This nearness to water is also true of Boston, Bombay, Calcutta, Philadelphia, Hong Kong, Madras, Singapore, Bangkok and Yokohama, where the trade, monetary and managerial mid are still assembled around their harbors even though each city has enlarged into a country town. Even a friendly sightseer cannot error them as anything but port cities.   Privacy Poli Terms and Conditions

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What Is The Port City Reading Questions

Questions 27-30

Reading Passage 3 has seven paragraphs A-G. From the list of headings below choose the most suitable headings for paragraphs B-E.Write the appropriate numbers (i-viii) in boxes 1-4 on your answer sheet.NB There are more headings than paragraphs, so you will not use them all.

List of headings

iA truly international environment
iiOnce a port city, always a port city
iiiGood ports make huge profits
ivHow the port changes a city’s infrastructure
VReasons for the decline of ports
viRelative significance of trade and service industry
viiPorts and harbors
viiiThe demands of the oil industry

Example  Paragraph A = vii

27. Paragraph B
28. Paragraph C
29. Paragraph D
30. Paragraph E

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Questions 31-34

Look at the following descriptions(Questions 5-8 )of some port cities mentioned in Reading Passage 3 Match the pairs of cities(A-H) listed below, with the descriptions. Match the appropriate letters A-H in boxes 5-8 on your answer sheet.NB There are more pairs of port cities than descriptions, so you will not use them all.

ABombay and Buenos Aires
BHong Kong and Salem
CIstanbul and Jakarta
DMadras and Colombo
ENew York and Bristol
FPlymouth and Melaka
GSingapore and Yokohama
HSurat and London

 31. required considerable harbor development
32. began as ports but other facilities later dominated
33. lost their prominence when large ships could not be accommodated
34. maintain their business centers near the port waterfront 

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Questions 35-40

Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 3? In boxes 9-14 on your answer sheet write

YES    if the statement agrees with the information
NO    if the statement contradicts the information
NOT GIVEN if there is no information on this in the passage  

35. Cities cease to be port cities when other functions dominate.
36. In the past, many port cities did more trade within their own country than with overseas ports.
37. Most people in a port city are engaged in international trade and finance.
38. Ports attract many subsidiary and independent industries.
39. Ports have to establish a common language of trade
40. Ports often have river connections.

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What Is The Port City Reading Answers

27. Paragraph B = ii
28. Paragraph C = i
29. Paragraph D = v
30. Paragraph E = vi
31. D
32. C
33. F
34. G
35. No
36. Yes
37. No
38. Yes
39. Not given 
40. Yes


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