You are organising a trip for a group of students: Semi-Formal Letter [IELTS General Writing Task 1 ] 

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You are organising a trip to Tenby, United Kingdom, for a group of students from Brighton, United Kingdom. Write to the Tour Manager, Mr Abraham, of an organisation that organises trips to Tenby.

In your letter, explain:

  • when you want to visit and how long you will stay
  • how many students are in your group
  • and what accommodation you will require

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Mr Abraham, 

Model Answer:

Dear Mr. Abraham,

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Emily Robinson, and I am the Student Activities Coordinator at Brighton University. I am reaching out to discuss the organisation of a trip to Tenby for our students.

We are planning to visit Tenby from the 10th to the 15th of September, which means a stay of five nights. The primary purpose of our trip is to offer our students a blend of educational and recreational experiences, as we have heard of the rich historical and cultural significance of Tenby along with its captivating natural beauty.

There will be a group of 30 students making the journey. Given the number, I believe we will require accommodation that can comfortably house everyone. Ideally, we’d like the students to be in shared rooms of two or three, with separate quarters for male and female students. Furthermore, if there’s a common area or meeting room where the students can gather for group activities or discussions, that would be perfect.

I would greatly appreciate if you could provide a detailed proposal including the cost breakdown, types of accommodation available, and any other facilities or services that you think might enhance our stay.

Thank you for your assistance and consideration. I am looking forward to your prompt response so that we can finalize our plans in a timely manner.

Warm regards,

Emily Robinson
Student Activities Coordinator,
Brighton University.

Important Vocabulary:

  1. Recreational: Relating to or denoting activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.
  • Example: Recreational activities such as swimming and hiking can greatly benefit one’s health.
  1. Significance: The quality of being worthy of attention; importance.
  • Example: The significance of this historic event cannot be understated.
  1. Accommodation: A room, group of rooms, or building in which someone may live or stay.
  • Example: Finding good accommodation in a tourist city can be a challenge during peak seasons.
  1. Proposal: A plan or suggestion, especially a formal or written one, put forward for consideration or discussion.
  • Example: The committee will review the proposal before making a decision.
  1. Finalize: To complete the last part or stage of something.
  • Example: The deal will be finalized next week.
  1. Timely: Done or occurring at a favorable or opportune time.
  • Example: Her timely intervention prevented a potential disaster.
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