You forget your bag in the gym and the gym will be closed for a week : Semi-Formal Letter [IELTS General Writing Task 1 ]


  1. Renovation (noun) – The process of repairing and improving a building or structure.
  • Example: The gym is undergoing renovation to upgrade its facilities.
  1. Essentials (noun) – Fundamental items or principles.
  • Example: My bag contains essentials that I use daily.
  1. Retrieve (verb) – To bring or get something back.
  • Example: I hope to retrieve my bag before the gym closes for renovation.
  1. Inadvertently (adverb) – Without intention; accidentally.
  • Example: I inadvertently left my bag in the locker room after my workout.

Sample Letter 1:

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is [Your Name], a regular member of your gym for the past two years. I usually attend the morning sessions, primarily focusing on strength training and occasionally joining the yoga classes.

Unfortunately, I inadvertently left my black Nike duffel bag in the men’s locker room yesterday. It has a white swoosh logo on the side and a small tear near the zipper. Inside, among other personal items, there is a pair of blue Asics running shoes and a green water bottle. The bag also contains some essential documents and keys that I urgently need.

Given the announcement regarding the gym’s closure for renovation, I kindly request if it would be possible for me to retrieve my bag before the gym shuts down for the week. I understand the inconvenience, but I sincerely hope there’s a window of opportunity for me to collect it.

Thank you for your understanding and prompt attention to this matter. I genuinely appreciate any assistance you can provide in ensuring I get my belongings back.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

Sample Letter 2:

Dear Mrs. Anderson,

I am reaching out regarding an issue of personal importance. My name is [Your Name], and I’ve been an evening member of your esteemed gym for the past six months.

Yesterday, after my workout, I mistakenly left behind my grey Adidas backpack in the women’s locker area. The bag has two side pockets, one of which contains a red headphones case. Inside the main compartment are my workout clothes, a set of house keys, and my personal diary which holds significant sentimental value to me.

Considering the upcoming closure of the gym for renovation purposes, I’m understandably anxious about retrieving my belongings, especially given their importance. I kindly urge you to allow me a brief time slot to come and collect my bag before the gym becomes inaccessible for the week.

I understand this might be an added task amidst your busy schedule, but your assistance in this matter would mean a great deal to me. I eagerly await your response.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


[Your Name]

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