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Read the below-given passage carefully to answer the questions (1 – 13). Check the A bad image not justified reading answers immediately to correct your errors.

A bad image not justified

Children’s rhyme as ‘Flies are a nuisance, wasps are a pest…’ In fact, they are recognized everywhere by the local council environmental health departments. Having a wasp nest near your home is a cause for concern. But all living things have a role in life, the flies function for a useful purpose, they support removing waste products and feeding on other animals in the food chain.

And wasps? For most of us, they do not have any recovery features. Because of being stabbed, the majority of people hate them and question their freedom to live. As John Crompton indicates in ‘The Hunting Wasp’ we typically overreact while seeing the insects but they are more scared of us and want to run away from us. However, their sting is at least a disturbance factor, and, in the case of allergic patients, is a serious health risk, but wasps do not attack without fair logic. Very frequently, we accidentally bother them, paying a painful cost.

The issue is that two or three species give a bad name to others. Vespula vulgaris and Vespula germanica, standard and German wasps are inspired by our diet and can ruin a trip by challenging each of our ice cream, sandwich bites, and a drink. Barbecues are another typical battleground because wasps like to suck juices from the meat. They often go to trash cans and other dirty places, and so they can lead to a health hazard, albeit not as much as flies. Another evil of theirs, often unnoticed, is that they like to feed their cubs the meat of the bee when they eat it. Beekeepers hate them because their experiments severely disrupt the natural course of bees. Yet, this is not a full view and it is essential to adjust the balance in favor of our black and yellow colors, although of course the negative!

Together with bees and ants, wasps form an insect lineage called Hymenoptera, and they are split into two major types, solitary and social. The former do not have to worry about us here because they have no issue with us. They live alone or in small groups, and their larvae use their delicate sticks only to freeze prey to swallow them alive and fresh. They can also be used in natural pest control activities. They are called social wasps because they form large colonies of infertile female ‘workers’ ruled by a single queen. In Britain, in addition to the species mentioned above, there are wood, Norwegian, Saxon, red, and cuckoo wasps and also hornets, which rarely come into contact with us.

Of course, there is also the Tolikovesbula medium or the intermediate wasp. Since Kent first established itself in 1985, it has spread rapidly across the country, blaming the tabloids every year for the ‘French killer wasp’ or ‘Euro Wasp’, blaming global warming for the Superbug attack! In fact, it’s bigger than our native wasps, and its sting is very powerful, but no matter what you read on paper it is not aggressive. There will be no trouble if it is left as it is. The main thing is that the stick of all social wasps is defensive and they can be used against anyone or object that is deemed a danger to themselves or their nest. Everything in that unpleasant cocktail they pay for is a secret recipe that scientists still need to analyze.

The life cycle of social wasps starts on a hot day in April, when the queens wake up and choose a place for their nest, usually on the ground, in a tree, or on the Attic floor and in the area under the roof. The structure is made of wood chewed with saliva, which creates a gray paper material. The queen forms a dozen or more hexagonal cells and lays the first of thirty thousand eggs. The chicks hatch and feed until they are young. When the new adults or fantasies appear after eight weeks, the queen continues to lay eggs, while her infertile daughters form an expanding nest and feed on the new larvae. The males and females hatch in August and are larger and brighter in color than the working ‘species’. For males with slightly longer antennae, there is no odor, which can be seen mating with young queens in the fall and sucking nectar from the last budding plant in the UK, the ivy. As the weather cools and the flowers fade, both men and survivors die. The old queen is also destroyed, along with the last remaining unnoticed groups. Although the colonies are known to last a long time in temperate climates, heavy rains in November destroy the nest. Feeding well to construct up their fat reserves during the extended hard winter to come, the impregnated queens look for suitable shelter for sleeping, i.e. below the folds of the bar.

We need to ask those who eradicate wasps what the globe would be like without them. Quite simply, there will be very few flowers and very few fruits, and there will be many flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs because they pollinate the former and prefer the latter to baby food. Although these services come at a small cost, we should be grateful for them. 

If we leave the wasps alone they will not hurt us. Just as we treat bees with caution and respect, we must also treat wasps. They are attractive creatures, they really have the right to be a part of our ecosystem and besides being attractive, they actually benefit in more ways than one.

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A Bad Image Not Justified Reading Questions

Questions (1 – 4)

Answer the questions below.

Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.

1. What is the impact of wasp stings?
2. What species caused all the species to get a bad name?
3. Who is hated by the people?
4. What purpose do flies function?

Questions (5 – 8)

Complete the flowchart below

Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer

Questions (9 – 13)

Complete the notes below.

Choose NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage for each answer.

  • Stick of all social wasps is 9 ____________ and they can be used against anyone or object.
  • The life cycle of social wasps starts on a hot day in 10 __________
  • The queen forms a dozen or more 11 __________ cells and lays the first of 12 _____________ eggs.
  • The males and females hatch in August and are larger and brighter in color than the working 13 _____________

A bad image not justified IELTS reading answers

1. serious health risk 
2. Two or three 
3. wasps
4. useful 
5. meat
6. psychology 
7. Pest control 
8. art appreciation
9. defensive 
10. April 
11 & 12 hexagonal , thirty thousand 
13. species

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