Environment: IELTS Agree/Disagree Essay Model Answer.

In this post, we will look at an agree/disagree essay example: Environment When designing a building, some people think that the intended use of the building should be taken into account as important rather than the outward appearance. from the IELTS writing task 2 test.

Students often ask if the questions are repeated year after year and the answer is no, but the topics are. There are so many questions written each year, you may find your practice answering various questions on different topics. For example, you could write essays to answer questions about education or the environment, which benefits you because you learn vocabulary associated with those topics and develop ideas that can help you in your writing test.
Practising writing IELTS task 2 essays on a range of topics is a great way to learn new vocabulary for those topics, but also to practice your essay structures. You begin to develop your ideas around those topics, thinking of examples and giving your opinions.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 - How To Write An Agree-Disagree Essay

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Take a look at the IELTS Agree/Disagree Essay example below:


When designing a building, some people think that the intended use of the building should be taken into account as important rather than the outward appearance.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Take a look at the model answer.

Many people believe that when drawing up plans for a building the maximum use should be taken into consideration rather than its façade. This essay strongly agrees that building structures should maximize the area given in order to please clients, but at the same time, should also have an attractive frontage. Firstly, the essay will discuss why it is important to utilize the space in a building and secondly, how having an appealing outward design can improve the beauty of the structure and help it to integrate into its surroundings.

On the one hand, architects normally maximise the use of the space they are tasked with, in order to please clients and ensure they get the design they want. Depending on what the intended use of the structure is, the plans will reflect how to best use all of the space, so that the client or occupants are happy with their spot, whether it is a new home, office or school. For example, a documentary filmed by the BBC in 2018, called ‘The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes’ showed how architects utilize space after many meetings with their clients in order to create unique living spaces.

On the other hand, the outside of a building can also be turned into something amazing, depending on how the building is situated. Newly erected structures can be made extraordinary by design or can be seamlessly integrated into the surrounding area. Many new designs are opting for simple outward appearances, so that they may use various materials to fit into their environment or to become energy efficient. For instance, in the channel 4 program ‘Grand Designs’ many newly designed buildings are slotted into their surrounding environments using natural materials, or made environmentally friendly with the addition of solar panels.

In conclusion, I agree that both having a very efficient use of space and a beautiful façade is very important in order for the building to attain its maximum potential.

(Word count – 324 / Band score 8)

Instructor Feedback on IELTS Agree/Disagree Essay: Environment: Environment.

Task Achievement – The essay provides an answer to the question asked, supported by relevant examples.

Coherence and Cohesion – The answer has been divided into clear logical paragraphs and each main body paragraph only has one main idea. There are cohesive links between the main body paragraphs.

Lexical Resource – There is evidence of a wide range of vocabulary, with no errors in the text.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy – The answer has no grammatical errors. The sentences have a wide range of structures. 


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