Best gift/present you have received – IELTS Cue Card

Describe the best gift/ present you have ever received.

You should say:

  • what the gift was
  • who gave it to you
  • when you have received it

and explain why it is the best gift/ present you have ever received.

To practice with past questions, please look at Speaking Part 2 in more detail.

Describe the best gift present you have ever received.

Model Answer – The Best Gift I Ever Received: A Family Portrait

The best gift I’ve ever received is a family portrait. It was given to me by my parents on my 21st birthday.

The portrait captures a beautiful moment where my family and I are all gathered in our garden, laughing and looking blissful. What makes this portrait special is that it includes my grandparents, who have since passed away, preserving a precious memory of them.

The reason why this gift is the best I’ve ever received is that it signifies the bond and love that exists within my family. Every time I look at it, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love for my family.


This response is very good. It covers all points on the cue card with a logical flow and offers a detailed and engaging story about the best gift the speaker has received. The speaker has used emotive language to engage the listener, creating a vivid image of the family portrait and its importance.

Model Answer – The Best Gift I Ever Received: A Customized Watch

The best gift I ever received was a customized watch from my best friend. He gave it to me last year on my birthday.

The watch is exquisite, with my initials engraved on the back. But what makes it the best gift is not its physical attributes but the thought and effort my friend put into it.

The gift represents our long-lasting friendship, and every time I look at it, I’m reminded of the strong bond we share. Therefore, it is the best present I have ever received.


This response effectively addresses all points on the cue card. The description of the watch is detailed and interesting, and the speaker effectively explains why the gift is significant to them. The personal touch makes the narrative engaging for the listener.

Model Answer – The Best Gift I Ever Received: A Leather-bound Journal

The best gift I ever received was a leather-bound journal given to me by my sister on my graduation day.

The journal is beautifully made, with creamy pages and an intricate design on the leather cover. But more than its aesthetic appeal, it was the meaning behind the gift that made it special.

My sister gave it to me to chronicle my new journey in life. She knows my love for writing, and this journal was her way of encouraging my passion. It’s the best gift I’ve ever received because it was thoughtful, personal, and it supported my dreams.


This response is excellent. It provides detailed descriptions of the gift, who gave it, and why it is special. The speaker’s personal connection with the gift, as well as their passion for writing, make the response engaging and relatable for the listener.

Model Answer – The Best Gift I Ever Received: A Trip to Italy

Model Answer The best gift I’ve ever received was a trip to Italy, given to me by my parents as a graduation gift.

The trip took place a few months after my graduation, and it was the adventure of a lifetime. I had the chance to explore stunning cities, enjoy delectable cuisine, and soak up the rich culture and history of Italy.

This trip was the best gift because it was more than just a vacation—it was an educational experience, an opportunity to explore, and a testament to my parents’ support for my love of travel and learning. It’s a gift I will always cherish.


This is a fantastic response. The speaker offers a vivid description of the gift, explaining its significance and why it’s the best gift they’ve ever received. The explanation of how the trip benefited the speaker personally and intellectually makes this an engaging and thoughtful response.


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