Describe a city you have visited and liked. : IELTS Cue Card Answer | IELTS Speaking Part 2

Describe a city you have visited and liked. | IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Answer
Describe a city you have visited and liked. 
You should say:
what city it is, and where it is
when you have visited this city
why you liked/disliked it and
explain what influences the city has had on you.

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Sample Response 1

I would like to describe my visit to Kyoto, Japan. Kyoto, located on the Honshu island of Japan, is famous for its well-preserved temples, traditional wooden houses, and beautiful gardens.

I visited Kyoto last spring, during the cherry blossom season. The city was breathtaking, filled with a mix of ancient traditions and modern flair. I loved the cultural richness, and the way Kyoto has preserved its historical integrity while also embracing the present.

What influenced me the most was the sense of tranquility and harmony I felt in the city. The temples, gardens, and tea ceremonies allowed me to connect with a unique part of Japanese culture, leaving me inspired and enriched.

Sample Response 2

Barcelona, Spain, is a city that has left an everlasting impression on me. I visited Barcelona a couple of years ago and was struck by its lively atmosphere, stunning architecture, and delicious cuisine.

From exploring Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces to strolling down La Rambla, everything about the city resonated with my love for art and life. What I liked most was the blend of history and modernity, where old markets coexisted with contemporary art scenes.

The city’s vibrancy and artistic spirit have had a profound impact on my appreciation for diverse cultures and art forms. I felt a sense of belonging and inspiration that continues to influence my creative pursuits.

Places in the City: Vocabulary for the IELTS

Sample Response 3

Cape Town, South Africa, is a city I had the privilege of visiting last summer. Nestled between the ocean and the mountains, Cape Town’s natural beauty is unparalleled.

I was enamored by the city’s diversity, not only in landscapes but also in culture and history. The visits to the Table Mountain, Robben Island, and the Winelands were highlights of my trip. But what struck me most was the resilient spirit of the people and the rich tapestry of cultures that form the city.

Cape Town taught me about the power of resilience, diversity, and coexistence. It has inspired me to appreciate the beauty in differences and see the strength in unity.

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Recommended Vocabulary:

  1. Tranquility: Quality of being calm and peaceful.
    • Example: The tranquility of Kyoto’s gardens provided a serene escape from daily life.
  2. Cultural Richness: Abundance of cultural diversity or cultural achievements.
    • Example: Barcelona’s cultural richness is reflected in its art, music, and culinary traditions.
  3. Architectural Masterpieces: Exceptionally well-designed and beautiful buildings.
    • Example: Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces in Barcelona are a feast for the eyes.
  4. Resilient Spirit: The ability to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
    • Example: Cape Town’s resilient spirit was evident in the stories of its people and their history.
  5. Enamored By: To be filled with love for.
    • Example: I was enamored by Cape Town’s stunning landscapes and vibrant culture.
  6. Everlasting Impression: A memory or effect that continues forever.
    • Example: The trip to Barcelona left an everlasting impression on me, and I continue to draw inspiration from it.
  7. Coexistence: Existing together at the same time or in the same place.
    • Example: The coexistence of diverse cultures in Cape Town makes it a rich and fascinating city.
  8. Historical Integrity: Preservation of historical authenticity and values.
    • Example: Kyoto has maintained its historical integrity by preserving ancient temples and traditions.
  9. Rich Tapestry: Complex or rich mixture of different things.
    • Example: The rich tapestry of cultures in Cape Town offers a fascinating insight into the city’s heritage.
  10. Profound Impact: Having a deep or significant effect or influence.
    • Example: My visit to these cities had a profound impact on my understanding of culture and human resilience.

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