Experiences and Achievements: IELTS Cue Card Topics

An important category within the IELTS Speaking section is ‘Experiences and Achievements’. Here, candidates are given an opportunity to delve into significant personal accomplishments or experiences, with topics like ‘Describe an achievement you’re proud of’, ‘Describe an adventurous experience’, or ‘Describe a time when you had to learn a new skill’.

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Exploring ‘Experiences and Achievements’ in the IELTS Speaking Section

The ‘Experiences and Achievements’ category offers a platform for candidates to discuss their personal accomplishments and memorable experiences. This category tests your ability to express personal sentiments and recount past experiences coherently. It is a chance for the candidate to share their growth story, recounting the challenges, steps, and efforts that went into achieving a goal or having a particular experience.

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Guide to Discussing ‘Experiences and Achievements’ in the IELTS Speaking Section

To effectively discuss your ‘Experiences and Achievements’, you need to focus on the narrative aspect of your speech. Set the scene, describe the circumstances surrounding the achievement or experience, and explain why it was significant. Talk about the process, the hurdles you faced, how you overcame them, and the feelings of accomplishment or learning that followed.

Remember to use varied and expressive language to convey your emotions and reactions, adding depth to your story. Practice the use of past tense, as most of your experiences or achievements will be something that happened in the past.

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Sample ‘Experiences and Achievements’ Topics

To give you a clearer idea, here are some sample ‘Experiences and Achievements’ topics:

  1. Describe an Achievement You’re Proud of: Discuss a significant achievement in your life, detailing the challenges faced, the efforts made, and the feelings of accomplishment.
  2. Describe an Adventurous Experience: Share an adventure you embarked on, the thrills and spills, and what you learned from the experience.
  3. Describe a Time When You Had to Learn a New Skill: Talk about a situation where you had to acquire a new skill. Discuss the learning process, the challenges, and how it felt to master the skill.

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