Plans and Dreams: IELTS Cue Card Topics

The ‘Plans and Dreams’ category of the IELTS Speaking section is where you get to share your future aspirations, goals, and dreams. The questions can range from ‘Describe a dream job you aspire to have’, ‘Describe a place you wish to visit’, to ‘Describe a personal goal you wish to achieve’.

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Plans and Dreams: IELTS Cue Card Topics

Unveiling ‘Plans and Dreams’ in the IELTS Speaking Section

Talking about future plans and dreams is an opportunity to showcase your ability to express your ideas and ambitions in English. It allows the examiners to evaluate your capability to use various tenses, especially the future tense, and your skill in conveying abstract ideas.

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Guide to Discussing ‘Plans and Dreams’ in the IELTS Speaking Section

In responding to ‘Plans and Dreams’ questions, clarity and specificity are crucial. Be precise about your aspirations, why they matter to you, how you intend to achieve them, and the possible challenges you might encounter. The more concrete your plans, the more convincing your answers will be.

Also, this is a chance to exhibit your use of future tenses. While explaining your plans and dreams, you can demonstrate your grammatical range and accuracy.

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Sample ‘Plans and Dreams’ Topics

To give you a clearer idea, here are some sample ‘Plans and Dreams’ topics:

  1. Describe a Dream Job You Aspire to Have: Talk about the job of your dreams, why it attracts you, what you need to do to attain it, and the challenges you anticipate.
  2. Describe a Place You Wish to Visit: Discuss a place you’ve always wanted to visit, why it fascinates you, when you plan to go there, and what you expect from the visit.
  3. Describe a Personal Goal You Wish to Achieve: Share a personal goal that’s important to you, why it’s significant, how you plan to achieve it, and the potential obstacles.

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