IELTS Direct Question Essay Sample 7 - Business

In this post, we will look at a direct question essay example from the IELTS writing task 2 test. Students often ask if the questions are repeated year after year and the answer is no, but the topics are. There are so many questions written each year, you may find your practice answering various questions on different topics. For example, you could write essays to answer questions about education or the environment, which benefits you because you learn vocabulary associated with those topics and develop ideas that can help you in your writing test.

Practising writing IELTS task 2 essays on a range of topics is a great way to learn new vocabulary for those topics, but also to practice your essay structures. You begin to develop your ideas around those topics, thinking of examples and giving your opinions.

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Many businesses choose an array of techniques to enhance the procurement of their merchandise. Firstly this essay will discuss how using the power of TV advertising can be effective and secondly, will discuss the use of social media as the most effective marketing tool.

On the one hand, many companies rely on advertisements, on TV, social media, google adwords and billboards in order to make their products well known. Once of the most popular methods - TV commercials often feature famous actors, sports stars and other well-known personalities, to try and persuade people to buy products, as fans of these people will be more likely to buy something that they are endorsing. For instance, a report by Procter and Gamble Philippines in 2017 revealed that their sales of detergent products reached an all-time high when they chose Kris Aquino as their product endorser.

On the other hand, the most effective modern method of advertising is online. Companies spend billions on Google Adwords and marketing through social media. The companies who use this method, are pushing their products in front of a huge audience, as social media apps are more widely used and downloaded than any TV station. They also have the chance of the product post going viral and being shared millions of times, which then promotes itself. For example, a study by the Philippine Business Club in 2015 reported that Twitter has been an effective tool in launching new products to the age group 18-25 since most young people are active on social media.

In conclusion, there are varieties of practices that can make a product popular with its consumers. The use of social media is the most effective tool in advertising in 2018 for it can reach all people in any part of the world.

(Word count - 287 / Band score 8)

  • Task Achievement - The essay provides an answer to the question asked, supported by relevant examples.
  • Coherence and Cohesion - The answer has been divided into clear logical paragraphs and each main body paragraph only has one main idea. There are cohesive links between the main body paragraphs.
  • Lexical Resource - There is evidence of a wide range of vocabulary, with no errors in the text.
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy - The answer has no grammatical errors. The sentences have a wide range of structures. 

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