Essay on Arts and its role in society Reading Questions and Answers

IELTS Reading passage Essay on Arts and its role in society

Essay on Arts and its role in society

To start with, society is a social institution established combining many families living with cooperation and harmony. The cultural background of families and even individuals maybe different but the mutual understanding makes them live together and work hand in hand to fulfill one’s needs in the neighborhood.  They get the core values from their previous generation and imprint those on the upcoming ones. Art is a visual representation of one’s thinking or creativity.

Further, art is a form of creativity that expresses the imagination or the technical ability of a producer that gives on an object or a real thing to look at. The representation of visual creativity as an outcome of efforts in various forms is an art. 

In common, filmmaking, photography, paintings or sculpting, performance relating dance, music, drama, theatre, and literature like poetry, prose, fiction are the forms of arts that we see in our daily life. From having them as a matter of recreation to about them as a source of inspiration, art has a deep-rooted influence within society and beings. They direct the society and inspire good tasks and make awareness through an interesting way that gains the attention of people.

Arts play a vital role in directing a society not by creating an influence on people but also by eliminating the sinful or inhuman acts in continuance to develop a positive and supportive environment. Though the delivery of content or the visual representation in the form of painting, arts in together shows what people don’t usually say and exist longer than the actual conservation between the masses. 

One generation passes them to the other one as they don’t fade away within a short time. So, arts are the form of historical representation that helps us understand the scenario before our birth and know what has been upgraded in the contract to present one. The arts are the medium of conversation as it represents one’s intellectual ability like a painting and carries up a jest expressed in absence of words or presence of them with some actions like films and theatres.

Also to this, the arts represent culture and society. The music, literature, painting, sculpture are the depot of the collective memory expressing social actions. The facts based pieces of evidence are presented in society in the form of arts following historical acts. 

Arts flow like a language in society which shows one’s expressions. Thus, arts play the role of vehicle in society to mobilize the cultural ethics and evidence of life existence, lifestyles, and interests of people. The attraction of tourists and cultural influence is possible because of arts as they show what is in existence or what has existed within the mindset of social beings. Besides, arts play a vital role in changing opinions, negative attitudes of individuals in a way that guides them for achieving a better consequence.


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