Essay on Causes and Effect of Corruption Reading Questions and Answers

IELTS Reading passage Essay on Causes and Effect of Corruption

Essay on Causes and Effect of Corruption

To begin with, corruption is an act of taking bribes in the form of money or service exploiting one’s authority. Corruption is an illegal method of making tasks happen usually behind the formal procedure. 

The cause and effect of corruption occur through people but the medium always comes to be the person standing in a particular position of authority. Corruption is a dishonest act and is even termed as a criminal offense that affects the working mechanism in an organization. Lack of proper payment, closed economy, low media freedom, and weaker implementation of law are some of the  common causes of corruption. Corruption affects the civil society in form of delay in work, elimination of low-income groups, unhealthy political, and economic environment, trust issues and so on.

As we came to know corruption as a criminal offense, UNCAC (United Nations Convention Against Corruption) is a legally binding institution since 2003 which shows the filthy trend carried out by authoritative people. Corruption is not always in the form of money but also the misuse of authority. Bribery, nepotism, patronage, favoritism, extortion, the graft are some of the forms of corruption out of which bribe seems to be the common one. The misuse of authority or abuse of authority is what raises corruption in a state. Corruption does not just occur in government bodies but also has been significantly affecting private organizations which are turning out to be profit-oriented with a mentioned motto as service motive. 

Taking additional amounts more than the actual charge of document printing in government offices is some commonly seen corruption in the form of bribes. The act of keeping shadow funds with no clear transaction of how some offices spend are some examples of corruption. Unreasonable rejection of an employee and selection of alternative candidates is also a form of corruption. Lack of clear translations simply denotes the monetary imbalance made and pocket transactions takes place which tends to be corruption in a broader sense.

Lack of proper payment does not enhance the work motive among the employees. Low salary scale and fewer facilities and security to an individual make the employee search for an alternate way of working and earning for their living as well as think of a secured future. This is what provokes them to work illegally within the offices as alternative working shifts cannot be possible due to dedicated time hours within the office. 

Similarly, low media freedom does not allow the recording of these illegal acts of bringing them to limelight is not allowed to the media. This encourages the corrupt to conduct the acts within the organization in the means of bribe. This consequently affects the citizens with delay in work as the employees avoids the quick working habit thinking the citizens as the source of alternative earning. The one involved in the investigation also gets lure with the alternative earning source and charges money within instead of bringing reality in front of general people.

The close economy is a state where the state claims to be self-sufficient with no transactions with other nations. The closed economy does not disclose their clerical transactions that hinder transparency which supports corruption. 

Lack of transparency does not flash the wrongdoers which makes them settle the illegal acts within the company or office. The manipulation of the watchdog mechanism is common in this case who gets manipulated with a little profit ignoring their service motive intention. The closed economy is practical only in the presence of sincere employees. Corruption as a culture eliminates sincere workforce by provoking the honest employees to do dishonest acts. Due to a lack of proper work evaluation, the employeesignores sincerity and favor the work ethics in the form of corruption for safety and security. This hinders the faith in the work ethics of a company that creates an unhealthy political and economic environment. 

Politics affects the scenario whereas economy is what gets carried away. Shadow funds are highly created with no disclosure of how it settled and then the fund goes into the pocket of different levels of staff. This is the major reason the government loses trust by their public in terms of donation and emergency funds. When the trust issues occur in the higher authority of the state, the citizens also try to cover up the taxes and their liabilities towards the government that consequently affects the economic 

transparency in a state.

As a whole, corruption is a tool that affects a nation’s development and creates a state of mistrust. Lack of economic transparency hinders economic stability that ruins the state as a whole as it affects social, political scenarios as well because a state cannot run without a stable economy. To ruin this culture, the immediate action and sincere workforce have to come into the field. The corruption within a small organization, joint venture, and we should not ignore transparency of  government offices  as it hampers the work ethics in a nation where citizens run after one’s status rather than working ethics, and craving for private profit becomes common.


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