Essay on Importance of English language Reading Questions and Answers

IELTS Reading passage Essay on Importance of English language

Essay on Importance of English language

Initially, the English language is a widely spoken language that has been a medium of communication between states. The world is accepted as a local language by most of the states as professionals use it in their fields. English as a language has been acting as a basic composed of alphabets used by developing as well as developed countries. Seeing the wide use of this language, it is a compulsion in secondary schools as well as the language of printing major textbooks, journals, and online publishers.

Historically, English got its initiation from a west germanic language that originated from an Anglo-Frisian idiom that  Britain brought in the mid 5th to 7th centuries by the migrants of Anglo-Saxon which is Northwest Germany, Netherlands and southern Denmark now. 400 million people across the world are English speakers whereas 55 countries take it as their official country. Besides, a lot of countries take English as their second language but use them the most. It is the third most common language after Chinese and Spanish.

English is a key language with multiple users in this 21st century. The countries have been adopting it as a primary language whereas the number of speakers is increasing. Every educated individual is capable of understanding English as a language. Therefore, English is important as a language of international communication. The native people have also been able to use the language for communication which reflects how important it is from the international perspective. There are councils and institutes established to teach English and make individuals good at speaking as well as writing. This helps them to tackle varieties of people from distinctive backgrounds. In addition to this, English has been a dominant language in the field of business where a lot of multinational as well as national companies have made it their official corporate language.

Access to the world of entertainment is next to impossible in the absence of the ability to understand the English language. Taking social programs to activism, oscar-nominated movies to subtitled TV shows get delivered in the English language. Not only this, but half of the content of the internet is also based on the English language unless you translate them on your own. Thus, knowing English has been a necessity in this modern world where the internet plays it all. Knowing English accesses you to most of the important content of English and hands you a key to enter into the world of technology. The billions of pages of information and number of great science fiction based series are of no use in the absence of knowledge on the English language.

As a whole, learning English might be a challenge to those who are familiar with their national language but from a wider perspective, English has been a necessity for living and communicating with people from various backgrounds. Being a tourist or a professional, you cannot communicate in the absence of the ability to speak English. Learning the local language of various places is not practical which is why learning English is a necessity. Grabbing better career options or handling modern gadgets is not possible without learning English. Consequently, English is the language of the world and a key to a joyous life.


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