Essay on Importance of Girl Education Reading Questions and Answers

IELTS Reading passage Essay on Importance of Girl Education

Essay on Importance of Girl Education

To begin with, the concept of educating or giving a platform to females to learn and gain knowledge from an early age is called girl education. Boy and a girl are said to be the relative term like a man and woman. Thus, it is the initiative made to teach a child from an early age before they get prepared to deal with the world’s situation and the environment beyond the reach of their respective guardians or mentors. Girls’ education is important to humanity and acts as a step towards making the developing stage into a developed one.

Firstly, a lot of the people say women as the dominant component of the population looking at the world scenario. Seeing this, educating girls would be a blessing given to enhance humanity and expose the innocent lifesavers with knowledge of their interested fields. 

We have reached the state where gender equality is a priority. This is the time where there should be a distribution of equal opportunities to learn for everyone. 

At the same time, the concept of equality has been flourishing where the deprivation of basic requirements of living exists for girls. In this case, the essence of human beings is achievable educating females and girls, to be precise. 

Many studies have shown that Girls’ education consequently results in improved health and reduction in child mortality rate as well. Also,   educating females can make the entire family educated. So, the key to an educated world lies in girls’ education.

Living in a society where patriarchy has been a in forefront, girls’ education is a prior necessity to bring women into the power where their voice has to act as a crusade. 

Usually, a male member of society gets the power of taking a decision and the facilities to grow better as an individual. In this scenario, with education, they could identify between the good and bad or right and wrong things. 

Educated girls can portray the basic rights of women and children. Similarly, women empowerment would not just be limited to the books and theories but we can bring the theories into the practice where women would be seeking deserving employment opportunities. Thus,  we must take a necessary step towards civilization with an initiative made towards girls’ education.

As a whole, a goal to an educated world is achievable with the compulsion made on girls’ education. This not only makes women self-reliant but also adds economic benefits to each family. There must be an elimination of stereotypical thinking of superstitious peoples and every individual one earth can prove their ability and capacities to explore the opportunities. 

There must be the elimination of the false concept of gender and people can adapt to their biological difference but similar platforms where access to the opportunities is well distributed. Hence the overall development of the physical, emotional, and psychological state of females is possible with girls’ education. Also, giving a  access to oppurtunities is necessary on the productive sides of sectors relating to the economic, socio-cultural, and political side by emphasizing the fact that the girls are the equal half of the world’s population.


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