Essay on Importance of Recycling Reading Questions and Answers

IELTS Reading passage Essay on Importance of Recycling

Essay on Importance of Recycling

Commonly phrased as 3R, reduce, reuse, and recycle, recycle is an art of utilizing the waste at their best. In simple words, it is the process of using the waste or unused part of the things we consume in daily life by changing their structure into something useful. It is an act of processing the waste material into something useful. Recycling is an idea of making the trash useful. It initiated the habit of not throwing trash directly to the bins and exploring one’s creativity. It is necessary to avoid pollution caused by a lack of solid waste management and contributes to minimizing discretionary expenses.

We consume a lot of stuff in our daily life that we cannot avoid because of its clerical necessities. The waste that comes from the use of necessary goods when thrown directly to the environment is the primary cause of pollution. This gave rise to the concept of 3R. The concept of paper recycling emerged in 1690 in America by the Rittenhouse family of Philadelphia whereas patriots invented metal recycling to make bullets in 1776. The major types of recycling are primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary recycling denotes second-hand usage of the trash rather than throwing them whereas secondary recycling means modification made without a chemical process or heat. Tertiary recycling is the one where there is the use of heat or chemical processes like the method industries on a large scale adopts.

The prior importance of recycling is to control pollution that has been creating an adverse effect on living organisms on earth. The unmanaged litters have been troubling the environment. Recycling is important to cut land pollution as we dump wastes in landfills that degrade the quality of the soil. The solid wastes get stuck in drainage and pollute water resources as well. They release a foul smell into the environment and degrade the fresh environment living beings need to stay healthy. Ultimately, it affects living things. The concept of recycling controls air pollution, water pollution, as well as soil pollution.

Recycling also helps the economy of the country as the administration can extend them to a large scale by installing a plant or industry. This creates employment as well as an environmentally friendly process of settling the wastage. The raw materials for some of the production industries would be easily available which reduces production cost that declines per head cost of the goods. In this way, everyone gets the benefit economically. This will also save energy. Therefore, it raises the economic security within a nation. The valuable resources get conserved and the economy rises directly or indirectly. 

As a whole, maintenance of ecology is possible only with recycling. The circumvented of local contamination is appropriate and then living beings can achieve a green planet. There must be an adoption of the concept of zero waste to protect the earth as a planet and safeguard the environmental aspects. The negative impact on natural resources must stop and rainforest to preserve them. There should be an end to the significant threats to the environment.


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