Essay on Importance of water and preservation Reading Questions and Answers

IELTS Reading passage Essay on Importance of water and preservation

Essay on Importance of water and preservation

In the first place, water is a crucial element that covers around 71% of the total earth’s surface. Being a chemical compound of elements like hydrogen and oxygen, it has been a basic need for living things. From having its variation from existence on the earth’s surface or as underground water, it has been named as one of the odorless and tasteless liquids on earth.

It is said that the aqueous solution of the world’s oceans was the place for the origination of living organisms which shows that life existed with the existence of water. Since then, water has been a necessity for biological as well as environmental processes. With a light blue or transparent color, water has been the most plentiful compound on earth with its presence on the human body too. It has various uses and ways of preservation as the absence of water eliminates the existence of living beings.  

Talking about the importance of water and the necessity of its perseverance, the purpose of drinking is fulfilled by water. Not only this, but water also grows food which means consumption requires water the most. We need the energy to survive and water supplies the food and liquors required for the body. The only option for living beings in absence of water is to starve to death as cereals, fruits, as well as vegetables, must water to grow and the human body needs water to digest them too. Water transport is one of the most workable and cheapest means on earth. Conservation of water means the protection of ecosystems on earth.

In addition to this, water protects wildlife as well. Humans are not the only species that require water to exist but the whole ecosystem takes water as a basic component for its cycle. Besides, water energy is a major source of energy that is a basis for hydropower and industries. Water being the renewable resource one earth has played a crucial role in industrial fuel as well as a major source of electricity and hydropower on earth. Thus, conservation or preservation of water is important to promote a good life and an economical living on earth.

In the last place, preservation of water is important because it is a major source of energy and a renewable way of making use of the available resources in the long run. Ignorance of water resources and pollution has created severe problems for living beings, human health to be precise. The great pacific garbage patch is an example of what human beings are doing to water resources that are a threat; a major one on earth. Saving the natural environment is one of our responsibilities and water is the major component. Thus, we must preserve water and its natural sources to drop water pollution and safeguard nature.


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