Essay on Internet A Boon Or Bane Reading Questions and Answers

IELTS Reading passage Essay on Internet A Boon Or Bane

Essay on Internet A Boon Or Bane

To begin with, the internet is a system of global connection that networks many computers at a time using its special protocol suite (TCP/IP). It is a system developed for communicating between the devices with the network connection. It is a storehouse of online services with wide coverage in the modern era. Millions of web browsers and sites are available just because of the internet. There are various types of internet connection in the form of cable, fiber, DSL, and satellite internet connections. The modern internet had a foundation since January /, 1983 when Arpanet adopted TCP/IP as an Internet protocol suite. The researchers worked to assemble a ‘network of networks’ that gave us the world wide web in around 1990.

Since 1990, the online world has been possible. We have reached an era where nothing is possible without the internet. This has left a very deep stamp on us with the internet acting as a necessity in every field. It has been serving us as a boon because broadcasting media has been able to flourish only with the internet. From taking the life of a student or a businessman, the internet has been a platform to grow and enhance one’s reach. The clarification of doubts and curiosity got a solution from the internet where a lot of people from different communities can interact together. The economic progress has also been highly contributed by the internet as it allows the user to learn as well as expose.  Thus, it has been a blessing for today’s generation where access to the world has been very convenient.  

Moreover, the internet has been acting as an addiction to the young generation. From being a storehouse of millions of web pages, there is a flourishment for the negative content. As a consequence crime has taken into a different direction which raised the victimization beyond the politics of one state which is cybercrime. Social media has been a platform more than society and there is the negligence of actual social life. Pictures are a target for the family to get together to post followed captions to set with social media and walls as a showcase. Thus, life has been deteriorating and more of a showcase placed on one’s wall of a media. The children get the gadgets and the internet to learn more than mentors and guardians. This has resulted in making a social animal more of a device with more actions but less interaction.

As a whole, everything has two sides as pros and cons. But talking about the internet, in reality, it has been spreading as an addiction more of a devastating manner instead of improvements. If the use of the internet is not given a proper direction or guidance then the flow of crimes will be more than the flow of information. Hence, there have to be proper mentors mentoring the upcoming generation with proper use of the internet and people use it as a platform to showcase one’s talent instead of unwanted techniques and strategies of degrading activities.


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