Essay on Technology and its impact Reading Questions and Answers

IELTS Reading passage Essay on Technology and its impact

Essay on Technology and its impact

In simple words, Technology is the branch of study that deals with applied sciences and engineering. It is the application of scientific knowledge for a clear purpose Technology is the improvement and advancement of current processes to solve problems and make lives easier. It also denotes the progression made to solve problems like diseases or the state of famine.

Talking about the history of technology, it ranges from the time of developing a simple machine to lift stones till the time of having information technology explored. In 1894, Guglielmo Marconi developed the first radio whereas Harvard University created a digital computer around 1940. Twenty years before this time, on 6 august 1991, WWW (World Wide wave) became accessible to the public. This shows the drastic changes brought by the human brain in technical aspects.

Firstly, technology is a boon to the human brought by human brains in various forms.  Technology has been acting as a blessing for human society. From having access to the people living worldwide and knowing about the scenario beyond this planet, people got an opportunity to learn beyond the ordinary understanding. Technology has made communication easy and has supported a lot of enterprises and the economic world as well as the educational field. Optimization of medicinal waste and monitoring cognitive health has been possible. 

In addition to this, technology has been able to expand the area of promoting the ideas and beliefs. In other words, the world which was just vague in terms has been practically approachable because of technology. It has added the means of security and assisted the people physical disabilities too. Advancement in various fields has been possible because of technology. The imagination of a smart city has been a reality due to technology. Thus, technology has made advancement possible from stone age living to worldwide access with the help of the internet and media.

At the same time, the trend of misusing technology has prevailed causing a negative impact on human life. Talking about the negative impact of technology on human health, digital eye strain is the actual scenario now. The continuous use of the product of technology like smartphones causes musculoskeletal problems. Emotional stability and physical health have a raised question mark now because of technology. Further, there is negativity impact stamped on the kids resulting in behavioral problems, lack of socialization, violence, and obesity.

Besides human health, lack of privacy, and the reach to personal space through the act of tracing has worsened humanity and society. An increase in the number of crimes and additional stress on employees has made life suffocative. Technology has been an addiction which creates a loss of concentration as well. Youths drop their social skills and avoid communication skills. Insomnia has been a major problem. Overall, the root cause of cyber crimes and supervised criminals is a technology and its gifts to the world of gadgets.

Thus, technology is like a medicine. If taken more than the prescribed dose, it degrades us more than the advancement. The advancement comes with the limitation of use and access to the required fields. From having a child look at the videos on youtube while having a video conference by the caretaker, the world has been inviting the negativity more than the benefits. Thus, supervision is necessary to make proper and necessary use of technology and secure its safe tag policies rather than the lately discovered criminal purpose.


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