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IELTS Reading Passage Hotel Cala Vinas

Hotel Cala Vinas

AHotel Cala Vinas 


This all-inclusive, 4-star hotel is reserved exclusively for adults. Facilities include a buffet-style restaurant, outdoor and indoor pools and spa.

Live entertainment 4 nights a week.

Porterage at your hotel included in package

Single rooms available with a supplement

BHotel Miguel 

San Miguel Bag, Ibiza

Perched above inviting San Miguel Bay in north Ibiza, this superb 4-star hotel commands fabulous coastal views. Facilities at the hotel include a restaurant with table service, an outdoor solar-based swimming pool with terrace and indoor gym. Stays can be upgraded to all-inclusive from half-board on request. Included and optional excursions available; please refer to your travel representative for more details.

CCosta Marina Apartments 


Modern self-catering apartments situated in the family-friendly resort of Costa Marina. All apartments are fully furnished with fully equipped kitchens and spacious open-plan lounge and sleeping areas.

Apartments are located around a large, heated communal pool with a poolside bar.

Optional excursions can be arranged with your travel representative who will be on site 2 days per week.

DHotel Playa Azul 

Marinas de Nerja, Spain

Located in a tranquil setting, this hotel is ideally situated for the beach and nearby fishing village of Fuengirola.

A complimentary shuttle bus operates between the hotel and the town of Nerja, which is a 20 minute journey away. Stays are on a full-board basis only. Facilities include a self-service restaurant, indoor heated plunge pool and spa.

EHotel Quintamar

Asturias, SpainStay in a less well-trodden area of Spain and enjoy a warm welcome in this family-run hotel. Board is on a bed and breakfast basis.

Extra meals available by prior arrangement with the management.

A regular local bus service connects the hotel with the small village of Barro, 10 kms away.

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Questions 1-8

Look at the five advertisements, A-E. Which advertisement mentions the following?

Write the correct letter, A-E, in boxes 1-8 on your answer sheet.

You may use any letter more than once.

1A remote location __________________
2All meals included (not drinks) __________________
3Free transport __________________
4Waiter service __________________
5An elevated location __________________
6Free luggage assistance __________________
7All food and drinks included __________________
8Willingness to accommodate children __________________

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1Answer: E
2Answer: D
3Answer: D
4Answer: B
5Answer: B
6Answer: A
7Answer: A
8Answer: C


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